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Anti-Communism in the US after World War 2

After the Second World War came to an end in 1945, an intense rivalry emerged between the United States and the Soviet Union. While the US was democratic, the Soviet Union was communist. The two nations became engaged in several economic and po...
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2021-04-28 15:48:02

How Did English Colonists Create an Economy Based on Slavery

Any mention of the history of the United States would not fail to capture the concept of racism and slavery. The two concepts form an important part in the history and culture of the United States. As pointed by W.E.B. Du Bois, the problem of t...
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2021-04-27 02:25:42

Generalist Case Management

According to the Generalist Case Management, a manager should show a helping attitude towards his patient during their first interview in order to extract all the information about the patients condition (Marianne & Tricia, 2013). For insta...
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The Hitory of Cities

Birmingham CityBefore the industrial revolution, Birmingham used to be a minor and less populated town. However, the town was a home to very skilled metal workers who played a key role in the start of the industrial revolution that ...
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2021-04-27 02:28:13

The Life and Travels of Jedediah Smith

The life and travels of the early American explorers are one great historical account that brings us to the understanding of what makes the United States of American what it is today. At the beginning of the 1700s, trade between the western Eur...
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2021-04-27 23:44:06

The History of ISIS

The radical group Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) is a form of government which the country is managed by a single political and religious leader. And the proclamation of this group became a new era of jihadism. This event has a great theo...
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2021-04-27 05:38:15

The Abuse of Study Drugs

College campuses provide an opportunity for the meeting and interaction of people from all lifestyles. As a result, there is a lot of exchange of information and experiences that help shape peoples lives. Upon admission, a student makes friends...
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2021-04-27 23:50:27
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Cause, Conflict and Impact of the Civil War

Civil war is indicated in the history of America since it determined the position the country holds today. However, there are many things that were left unsolved during the Americas Revolution of 1776 to 1783. Therefore, the civil war that star...
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2021-04-27 23:16:11

Factors That Led to the End of the Cold War

The cold war is a war of words that culminated from a variety of factors. According to Tindall & Shi (1992, p40), the most notable of those was the clash of ideologies between two groups; the Marxists and the liberal Democrats. Both groups ...
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2021-04-27 05:45:04

Nat Tuners Influence on Slave Rebellions

Nat Turner, a black slave, was born in the year 1800 and was executed in the year 1831 after he was tried for leading an insurrection in Southampton County which led to the killing of dozens whites and also many blacks. He was known to his fell...
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2021-04-27 01:49:27