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Compare and Contrast Essay on Food and Culture: a Cross Cultural Look at Eating Habits

In this sample, we describe food as part of the culture of Spain, China, and the United States. We compare the food habits of these countries and analyze what has an impact on food in culture. You can read all of it in our free essay sample!
19 Pages 
(5152 Words)
2021-12-03 09:07:33

Article Analysis Essay on Forces Behind Food Habits and Methods of Change

The article I selected from the SPARQ website is entitled To Make Change, Start With A Crowd that summarizes the research article on the topic Forces behind food habit...
4 Pages 
(958 Words)
2021-05-13 20:27:55

American Southern Cuisine

South America is unique in its food, customs as well as accent and dialect. The regions inhabitants are from different cultures and racial origins. They settled in the r...
3 Pages 
(811 Words)
2021-05-11 19:50:56

Malnutrition Is Not a Concern in the UK

Malnutrition is a health condition that occurs if an individual diet lacks the appropriate amount of nutrients. It is estimated that within the United Kingdom more than t...
4 Pages 
(918 Words)
2021-05-11 07:10:20

Argumentative Essay: Authenticity of Foods

When immigrants arrive in a country, they try to replicate their indigenous culture in their new country. Many aspects of their indigenous culture are not compatible with...
6 Pages 
(1396 Words)
2021-05-10 21:35:43

Health Issues in the US: Vegan Diet for the Massive Health Benefits

More and more people are turning to a vegan diet for the massive health benefits: high energy, younger looking skin, high energy levels, and eternal youth are just some o...
3 Pages 
(785 Words)
2021-05-07 20:16:35

Artificial Sweeteners Are Safe Sugar Replacements

Sugar has been lauded as one of the unhealthiest food substance that people take. This is particularly the case for refines sugar. As, such, people have considerably cut...
4 Pages 
(863 Words)
2021-05-05 09:56:54
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Food Policy Debates: Should Government Regulate Unhealthy Foods?

This article by Robert Kiena is a publication of CQ press, which is an imprint of SAGE publications. Specifically, it was published on October 3, 2014 in the CQ Press Jou...
5 Pages 
(1126 Words)
2021-05-05 03:38:39

Vision of Water for People

Water for people has a vision of creating a world in which all individuals in every part of the world have an efficient access to a reliable source of water for drinking...
2 Pages 
(535 Words)
2021-04-30 22:38:40

Contaminated Drinking Water and Infant Health

The article contains a research that seeks to establish the effects of contaminated water on pregnant women and probable effects on the fetus. Further, the research propo...
3 Pages 
(603 Words)
2021-04-27 12:51:48

Although the overwhelming majority of college students get confused the moment they get the task to write an essay, food-related papers are different. Working on similar assignments is not only easier but much more interesting, as the vast majority of topics are relevant for learners and relatable. 

Food-related papers are an authentic chance to highlight your awareness of the essay writing process, combined with excellent knowledge of healthy eating habits. As the situation with obesity aggravates in most countries, it is inevitable to be informed of the core guidelines on how to stay safe and healthy no matter what. 

How to Create an A-Level Food-Related Essay

Writing college papers has never been an easy process, as it requires much knowledge in the area and writing skills not all the students have. How do I usually start the undertaking? What are the aspects that help me achieve the desired goal? Are there any tips that may simplify the essay creation process?

The first and the most significant rule you need to remember is that your prosperity with the assignment depends mainly on your determination. In the vast majority of instances, the lack of inspiration and motivation are the key reasons for failure. However, if you are excited about the upcoming experience, nothing can stop you from success. 

Here are a few simple tips and guidelines that may simplify your food-related essay writing and give you a chance to create a well-structured, coherent, and meaningful paper from the first try. 

  • Start with the topic. Undeniably, it is one of the most critical stages of your work, as the theme you choose will predetermine the whole process of essay writing. Make sure the topic you choose is not only relevant but also appealing and exciting. 

  • Proceed to the research. Surf the web to find as much information on the topic as possible. This step will help you with the arguments and theme development.

  • Look for examples. No matter if you lack ideas or strive to make sure you are on the right path, you need to find samples of similar works. 

  • Create the first draft. Finally, you are ready to proceed to the essay writing process, highlighting the results of your research and including your personal perspective. 

  • Proofread and submit the paper. Editing and proofreading are the final steps on your way to the successful completion of the assignment. 

Top 15 Most Influential Food-Related Topics

Believe it or not, but working on essays related to the food industry is a unique type of pleasure for me. There is a plethora of essay topics about food that seems ultimately appealing and interesting, as they deal either with everyday eating habits or global food-related issues. 

No matter if it is your first experience working on a similar type of assignment, or you have done it a hundred times, the properly selected topic is halfway to the desired success. Therefore, check out some of the most impressive and beneficial essay topics on food that can draw you closer to the desired result. 

Essay Topics about the Food Industry

  1. Damaging Influence of Food Corporations

  2. Sustainability and the Key to the Food Industry Development

  3. The Link between Globalization and Food Industry

  4. Fast Food as the Meaningful Part of the Food Industry

  5. The Way Biofuel Affects Food Industry

Food Science Essay Topics

  1. Simple Explanation of Food Cravings

  2. The Psychology of Eating

  3. Malnutrition as a Devastating Problem of Specific Regions

  4. Vegetarianism vs. Veganism: Features and Specifications of Both Directions

  5. Is Caffeine as Dangerous as It Is Claimed to Be?

Food Waste Essay Topics

  1. Effective Ways to Reduce Food Waste

  2. Food Waste Management: How to Achieve the Desired Goal without Negative Outcomes

  3. Decomposing Food Waste: Various Aspects of the Process

  4. Food and Water Waste Disposal in Different Areas

  5. Positive and Negative Impact of Abundant Nitrogen Production Caused by Food Waste

Essay Examples as the Way to Simplify the Task and Achieve the Goal

Even if you are fond of writing and it has always been one of your strongest points, papers about food are different. Therefore, it is critical to remember that food essay examples will never be odd out. Instead, reading a few influential and relevant texts may provide you with impressive ideas, encourage a more determined work, and give you a vision of future success. Browse the website to find some of the most appealing food essay topics, as well as the examples of perfect essays worth appreciation.