Questions About Black People in American History

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After the end of the war there was a lot of cruelty towards black nation. Black people who wanted some respect to themselves were beaten and killed. In many Southern states African Americans were killed almost for nothing, for example one black man was murdered because if singing Yankee Doodle. They were removed from church service and were attacked while protesting. In total, 2000 black people were murdered around Shreveport, Louisiana. The number of victims in a three year period from 1865 to 1868 in Texas was around a thousand, no one of the killers was convicted. White people led by an Irish man destroyed hundreds of homes, school churches in black section of Memphis. The Freedmens Bureau was usually unable to protect the black population. Almost nothing was done to stop the violence.

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Question 6

Led by NAACP, 90000 black people denounced injustice and pressed for inclusion in society. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters demanded the improvement of working conditions for black workers. In 1920 a better part of African Americans supported Marcus Garvey and UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association). Garvey advocate the idea of Black Nationalism and urged his people to forgot America and go to Africa. In the end of 1920s the Harlem Renaissance celebrated black life and society. There were a lot of strikes in 1919 and 1920 the workers whose requests were not heard left their working places. Many Americans were worried that labor agitation was a prelude to revolution. The black people created their own Anthem named Lift Every Voice and Sing

Question 7

In 1932, the third year of Great Depression, voters elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a president. The new President was appealed to Democratic Partys base of support in the white South. During his first days in Office Roosevelt was working on the new economic initiatives that is now known as the first New Deal. Many of the first New Deals programs benefit both white and black people. The AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) which was a part of New Deal helped many African Americans due to billion dollars investments. Over 4.5 million African Americans relied for their livelihood. Though, many black people complained that landlords just grab all the money to themselves. The creating of NIRA mimicked the problems with AAA. Soon NIRA was replaced with NRA. But it cost many African American their working places. After that there were created a lot of programs like FERA, CCC, CWA, but they were more helpful for white people that for black ones. Though, the New Deal provided African American with possibility to take part in the political life of the country.

Question 2

In the 1868, 1465 black men held political offices. But African Americans chose not to run for the most important positions because they were feared that their election would further cause anger of white southerners. In 1870 black leaders reversed their strategy, and by 1870 black people were elected for many key positions. But no one was elected as governor. In Mississippi a majority of the representatives in the state house were black men, and each of these states had two black speakers. Although black men did not take over any important position, just a few dominant districts with sizable black population, but they did not reach more.

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