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The Positive Influences of the UN in the World

After the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, most of the members were optimistic that the international body would bring about change in most of the problems that were ailing the world. As such, the various bodies of the United Natio...
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2021-04-28 08:37:07

Pro Death Penalty

Capital punishment is sanctioned by the government and is also referred to as a death sentence. This comes as a result of crimes that are classified as capital crimes or offences. Examples of such acts are espionage, terrorism or murder. This f...
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2021-04-27 08:29:50

The Fight Against Illegal Drugs Trade

The Cocaleros are the Coca farmers who have either displaced miners or low-income families in Bolivia as well as Peru. In Bolivia, the social, as well as union movements, tends to be well organized, and they have the political prowess. Evo Mora...
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2021-04-27 10:52:33

Cases Analysis: Discrimination in Employment

Case One: is a case filed by Ms. Gerlich against The Flight Shops Inc(Flight Centre), accusing the respondents of discriminations in employment based on mental a...
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2021-04-28 10:16:28

Court Cases Description: Human Rights

Charles Lowe CaseIn this case, the United States of America, Lowe was charged by the indictment with forgery of a government check.Japanese-American Imprisonment (Internment) CasesDuring the Second World War, there was a lo...
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2021-04-09 08:22:18

Employee Relationship Management Through the Case of Marion Shaub

Part one1. Where do you believe HR failed Marion Shaub in this case?In any organization, the HR/employers are supposed to design an internal protocol for handling sexual harassment issues and complaints to ensure an immediate...
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(595 Words)
2021-04-27 01:11:15

Law vs. Morality and Social Standards

Presume your 11-year-old child is involved in a serious case of a crime such as murder. You strongly believe that your child is incapable of committing such a vicious act and that some other factors contributed to this behavior. Given the serio...
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2021-04-27 18:37:52
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Law School Personal Statement

The Rio Aguarico winds lazily through the sprawling, moist jungles in the Sucumbios province of Ecuador.Flanked by looming trees, with buttress roots and leaves in numerous shades of green, this brown river is the source of life and subsistence...
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2021-04-21 20:33:04

Providing a Free College Education to Prisoners

The prison has been found to have several flaws, main of which is that it does little or nothing in the rehabilitation of prisoners; this has generated a need for the provision of free college education to prisoners despite the contrasting argu...
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2021-04-21 09:02:18

Should Minors Who Commit Violent Crimes be Tried as Adults?

The mounting number of crimes being committed by young people has raised much concern since the 1990s. Countless accounts of juveniles committing serious crimes have emerged. Criminologists have cautioned about the imminent tide of spiteful juv...
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(823 Words)
2021-04-27 16:37:09