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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is a book by Charles Dickens that he wrote in 1843. The book had a successful sales record in the same years Christmas holiday. By the Christmas period, six thousand copies of the book had been sold. Today, people embrace the ...
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(870 Words)
2021-04-28 02:17:19

Imaginary Worlds as an Essential Part of Childrens Literature

Why are imaginative worlds that differ from the everyday world essential elements of two of the novels we have studied? What are the symbolic purposes of such worlds for the characters, audience, and/or author, and what does this imply about th...
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(1100 Words)
2021-04-27 14:06:11

What is Literature?

When it comes to defining what literature is, there are many different definitions. "You can define it for example, as imaginative' with the sense of fiction- writing which is not literally true" (Eagleton 1). From this first definition given b...
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(596 Words)
2021-04-27 14:55:53

Literary Analysis on Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift

Literary elements are part of the works of a narrative fiction. This fiction is important in the case of verbal storytelling and written ones as it differentiates them from literary techniques (Allen et al., pg 889). According to Hui, Haifeng, ...
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(1247 Words)
2021-04-21 03:13:01

Who is Most Responsible for Gretchens Fall in Faust by Goethe?

Gretchen as depicted in Faust by Goethe is a religious and innocent maiden who later develops into tragic stature figure. The maiden was pure before falling in love with Faust. However, she becomes a willing victim of seduction by Faust thinkin...
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(570 Words)
2021-04-28 11:37:33

The Word Queer in Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself by Radclyffe Hall

Radclyffe Hall was specific in choosing the word 'queer', and using it four different times in Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself. By examining the reason behind this, it is clear that the word 'queer' has a major influence on Miss Ogilvys story. Queer,...
3 Pages 
(878 Words)
2021-04-30 06:38:16

Analysis of Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare interlinks the two love stories between Claudio-Hero and Benedick-Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing. This paper will examine how Shakespeare interlinks the two stories through the series of parallels in the characterization...
7 Pages 
(1984 Words)
2021-04-30 18:27:07
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Opinionated Character Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

The play Romeo and Juliet is written by Shakespeare with characters from three different families. These families are the Ruling House of Verona, the House of Montague and the House of Capulet. Characters from the House of Montague include Mont...
3 Pages 
(902 Words)
2021-04-30 16:34:17

Monstrosity In Tales

Monstrosity is a word used to describe actions and events with inhumane acts. It involves the actions of people with evil intentions or who lack the basic human feeling of mercy for other creations. A monster is a creature both human and non-hu...
6 Pages 
(1566 Words)
2021-04-23 13:06:54

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Pip is the man who was optimistic of great things ahead in the novel. In the early stages of the book, he meets another man who had escaped from the prison premises named Magwitch. In that case, he is forced by the convict to get him some food ...
2 Pages 
(580 Words)
2021-05-01 23:52:16