Military Science

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Grateful? Are we?

At the airport. Throngs of anxious masses wait for their loved ones to arrive from their military mission far afield, each holding a tiny flag, patriots to the core. A co...
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2021-05-13 03:46:56

The Military Draft on Young Draftees and American Society

During the Vietnam battle, about two-third of American troops were volunteered, the others were chosen for armed forces services during the drafts (Bia "Vietnam War Draft...
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2021-05-13 02:37:48

Women Should Not Be in Combat

Since the beginning of history many people that have served in combat have been male. Women have constantly been absent. Some women have served in combat but disguising t...
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(1247 Words)
2021-05-07 19:49:34

What Does Military Service Means To Me?

Rendering services to the military is one of the aspirations I treasured since childhood. During this period we were narrated inspiring accounts of the services and activ...
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(628 Words)
2021-05-01 13:23:33

Military or Military Aviation: What is the Difference

When people talk about the security of their country, most of them are not aware of the differences between internal and external security. However, they know that there...
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(1180 Words)
2021-04-28 22:02:44

Improving a Battalion

A battalion comprises of hundreds of soldiers who are ready for battle. The battalion further divides into smaller units for easier command and management. The hundreds o...
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(553 Words)
2021-04-28 19:20:40

Personal Hygiene in the Military

The topic of personal hygiene is one of the most controversial yet crucial topics that applies to all and sundry. It encompasses the basic cleanliness routines of hand an...
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(877 Words)
2021-04-27 12:19:33
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The Letter to Mother and Father from the War

Dear Mother and Father, It has been quite long since we communicated. I have to appreciate your efforts of trying to reach me through letters. Although I have not been in a position to respond...
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(571 Words)
2021-04-27 07:56:12