Biology and Genetics

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Research Essay on Puberty

Usually, puberty begins between ages 9 and 14 in girls and ages 10 and 15 in boys. Up until the puberty age, there is very little or no difference in the physical appeara...
5 Pages 
(1138 Words)
2021-06-17 23:01:12

Essay Sample on Cell Metabolism and Mitochondrial Physiology

The mitochondrion is an organelle found in the body cells responsible for energy production through respiration in body cells. Additionally, it also takes part in other a...
7 Pages 
(1730 Words)
2021-06-17 04:46:12

Paper Example on Focal Species and Climate Change

Focal species is a term used to describe a group species that is prone to effects of a threat caused by climate change.Climate change is the change in normal...
5 Pages 
(1124 Words)
2021-06-16 18:02:28

How Biodiversity of Fish Population Change Across Depth Habitats in Indian River Lagoon

The study seeks to define and describe biodiversity of the fish population and how it changes with depth in the Indian Lagoon River. Fish were caught measured and release...
6 Pages 
(1451 Words)
2021-06-09 15:10:48

Biology Paper Example on Native Plant Species

A native plant species refers to a plant or tree that is indigenous to a given area. Native species occur naturally in a specific climate and ecological area and such tre...
4 Pages 
(920 Words)
2021-06-02 14:59:02

Biology Paper Example on Mitosis and Meiosis

Multicellular organism reproduces by the fundamental concept of cell division. In essence, the process involves the division of preexisting cells; these cells divide thro...
3 Pages 
(601 Words)
2021-05-30 11:05:26

The Relationship between Thickness of Tissues of CAM Plants and Light, Temperature, Water, Gas Pressure and CAM Acid

CAM plants (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) is a special type of carbon pathway that was attained through evolution in some plants. Such plants have special characteristics...
5 Pages 
(1336 Words)
2021-05-27 23:59:12
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Essay on Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers in Nature

Most people fear Mathematics and evade it as soon as they can especially when specializing in their careers. However, with an open mind, an explorative mind, Math is one...
5 Pages 
(1144 Words)
2021-05-24 10:40:05

Extraterrestrial Life

The possibility of life. The only planet in the Solar System where life is known is Earth. There is a large number of factors combined, which make the life possible in ou...
7 Pages 
(1861 Words)
2021-05-19 21:34:24

How Abundant Is the Waratah Anemone at Hastings Point?

Hastings point is a small settlement at the coast of New South Wales. It is popularly known as the Jewel of the Tweed. Surrounding it is a national park and it is sandw...
5 Pages 
(1128 Words)
2021-05-19 04:11:45

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