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Expository Essay Sample on Cells in Chemistry

Batteries are commonly referred to as cells in chemistry, precisely chemical cells. Chemistry is the foundation upon which batteries thrive. A battery composes of one or m...
3 Pages 
(558 Words)
2021-06-17 22:43:56

Properties of Heavy Metal Ions Which Pollute Drinking Water - Research Essay Sample

According to the researchers, there are several heavy metal ions which pollute drinking water. Such metals have been proved to cause health complications to people or oth...
4 Pages 
(934 Words)
2021-06-17 18:03:51

Case Study on Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Nimodipine in Pure and in Pharmaceutical Preparations

Some of the advantages of using spectrophotometry as an analytical method include it being fast, accurate and simple to perform, hence bulk tests of drugs can be done accurately using this method...
2 Pages 
(454 Words)
2021-06-16 09:07:58

Report Example on The Rate Of Decomposition of Apple in Different Temperature Through CO2 Levels

Decomposition refers to the state of decay or rotting of organic matter. The decomposition of an apple fruit is caused by two factors; putrefaction where the...
8 Pages 
(1940 Words)
2021-06-16 01:42:37

How Is the System of the Earth Changing?

The advancement of Earth remote sensing and pioneering the scientific application for the measurement of global satellite helps in the improvement and enhancement of the...
5 Pages 
(1124 Words)
2021-06-09 12:54:32

Chemistry Essay Sample on Barrier Reef Acidification in the Coral Sea

The oceans and seas have roles of being energy reservoirs. Through this role, they can moderate the climatic conditions of the earth. One common aspect of the sea waters...
3 Pages 
(601 Words)
2021-06-08 21:48:33

Expository Essay Sample on Nitrogen Heterocyclic Importance in Chemistry

Heterocyclic compounds involve the organic compounds that contains a ring structure that institute atoms like nitrogen. The rings appear to be either simple aromatic or e...
7 Pages 
(1667 Words)
2021-06-06 19:56:11
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Chemistry Essay Sample on Hydrogen Flow Rate and Hydrocracking Technology

Hydrogen consumption and the flow rate of makeup hydrogen affecting the results. The hydrogen consumption flow rate of makeup hydrogen has an effect on the sulfur content...
7 Pages 
(1799 Words)
2021-06-02 10:47:55

Expository Essay on Unidentified Flying Object

An unidentified flying object (UFO) have puzzled and fascinated people for decades with sightings recorded throughout history across the world. UFOs are suspected alien...
5 Pages 
(1173 Words)
2021-06-02 09:51:07

Narrative Essay: Personal Philosophy of Teaching Mathematics

The four main philosophies of education are perennialism, essentialism, progressivism, and reconstructionism. Perennialists believe that students should acquire education...
3 Pages 
(730 Words)
2021-06-01 20:42:04