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To write a thought-out investigative journalism essay, you should be aware of:

  • current issues in journalism;
  • what methods journalists use in their work;
  • how your paper can be applied in practice. 

To do an original piece of work that will stand out, your task is to sit in a silent place and brainstorm what interesting things you can say in your journalism scholarship essay. Also, it’s a good idea to read a term paper about journalism that you can find in international libraries on the Internet. 

But the best way to come up with cool ideas is to explore journalism essay examples. This is because you see on samples how other students reveal a topic. You realize what you have to avoid in your academic papers. Also, you’ll find different parallels that you can use in your coursework.

Our Collection of Journalism Essay Topics

  1. Paper Example on Telephone Surveys
  2. Paper Example on Journalism as One of the Major Components of Communication
  3. Interview with Justin Fox
  4. Views of a Young Graduated Nurse on Transitioning Graduate Practices
  5. Academic Article on Sports Scandals and Journalism
  6. Notes on George Orwell Essay
  7. False News on the Web Has Become a Danger to Human Life - Opinion Essay Example
  8. Interview about First Birth Experience
  9. Conducting Interviews and Investigations
  10. Essay Example on New Media Entrepreneurs and Journalists in the Digital Space
  11. Public Relations Journalism

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