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Death in Venice

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann plays a significant role in European literature. Importantly, the story is developed in a unique way that challenges the common thinking in the sense that the author (Thomas Mann) tries to capture his audience thr...
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(1143 Words)
2021-04-23 18:10:42

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is a book by Charles Dickens that he wrote in 1843. The book had a successful sales record in the same years Christmas holiday. By the Christmas period, six thousand copies of the book had been sold. Today, people embrace the ...
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(870 Words)
2021-04-28 02:17:19

Imaginary Worlds as an Essential Part of Childrens Literature

Why are imaginative worlds that differ from the everyday world essential elements of two of the novels we have studied? What are the symbolic purposes of such worlds for the characters, audience, and/or author, and what does this imply about th...
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(1100 Words)
2021-04-27 14:06:11

How Gender is Portrayed and Described in Plays

The process of civilization has been greatly influenced by gender behavior compared to natural and innate differences. Each individual has their own perspective concerning gender roles; most of these perspectives are formed on the basis of comm...
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(584 Words)
2021-04-27 05:44:12

What is Literature?

When it comes to defining what literature is, there are many different definitions. "You can define it for example, as imaginative' with the sense of fiction- writing which is not literally true" (Eagleton 1). From this first definition given b...
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(596 Words)
2021-04-27 14:55:53

Gender Roles in Literary Works

From the beginning of man during the biblical era, there have always been norms that dictate the behaviors that are considered acceptable and desirable for an individual depending on whether they are male or female. These norms are referred to ...
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(1679 Words)
2021-04-27 08:39:53

Review of Books About the Internet

Abbate J. (1999). Inventing the InternetThe book sheds light on the history of the emergence of the internet. The author gives insight to the reader about the introduction of web browsers, robust networks and communication. She argues th...
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(551 Words)
2021-04-27 17:29:25
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Dibs in Search of Self: Psychological Aspects of the Family

Dibs In Search of Self is a book written by Virginia M. Axline, who is a clinical psychologist. The book is a report of her one year period of working with an emotionally challenged boy named Dibs. Though Dibs come from a wealthy and educated f...
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(943 Words)
2021-04-27 10:16:08

The Narrative Structure of the Novel A Farewell to Arms

The novel A Farewell to Arms possesses the structure of a dramatic work. As is generally known, every drama is divided into five main parts or acts that are by-turn divided into scenes. Among them are: exposition, rising action, climax, falling...
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(915 Words)
2021-04-28 23:31:55

Waiting for Godot Reflection

Waiting for Godot is a play that was written by Samuel Beckett. The original version of the play was done in French, but later there was a translation to English. The play is rich culture, and there are diverse cultures that are expressed in th...
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(891 Words)
2021-04-27 07:56:26