The Stance of Radicalism in Protesting Against the Vietnam War

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As a radical protestor, I am against the Vietnam War and I believe that as students, we should take an active role in shaping national issues. Universities and Colleges around the country are full of bright minds with great ideas that can transform this country for the better. It is always cited that, we, the youths are the future of this nation, destined to take over the leadership of this country at some point in time. Even as we prepare for that future it is pointless for us to sit back and watch our current crop of leaders take that future away. Some of the decisions that leaders take have a profound impact on how the future of this country will be. Therefore, the youths cannot sit back and watch this country plunder into darkness due to poor leadership decisions. We want to see the country move in the right direction so that when out time comes, we shall continue on that trajectory. The decision to take part in the Vietnam War will be very costly for this country. Apart from losing lives of our heroic soldiers, the economy of this nation is bound to e affected because war is a very costly venture. Only a few businesses in the arms industry are likely to benefit. But the majority of us, the young people will lack jobs, the economy will be unattainable for us, where is the future? It is along these lines that I insist that young people in colleges should take a radical part in promoting good leadership, fighting against bad governance and providing long term, solutions to the current leadership. This is the only way we shall ensure a bright future for this nation.

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Secondly, students protests are not a new phenomenon. For a long time in the history of this nation, student politics has proved to be sound enough to give this nation direction. all over the country, students have played a very active role in the fight f0r a just course. For example, students in leading universities and colleges in the country such as the University of Wisconsin, Columbia, Cornell, Kent State University and the University of California have all showed us that young people can shape the destiny of this nation. Some of the students in the aforementioned universities have died for the sake of fighting for civil rights, equality, and justice. Those are the same things that we believe the constitution provides. On the other hand, due to selfish interests, our leaders deny us that freedom for their own benefit. During such time when the nation was fighting to have civil rights legislation, students of all color came together to express their opinion, support the civil rights movement. The contribution of the students in the fight for civil rights cannot be overlooked. Similarly, we believe that such an issue of national importance like the Vietnam War should be discussed with a sober mind rather than bipartisan politics. We as the students believe that we can help in changing this world by airing our opinions on such issues of national importance, because ultimately, they affect us too.

The other reason why I have taken the stance of radicalism in protesting against the Vietnam War is that young people are the majority of this nation. Statistics indicate that the majority of this countrys population is aged between 18 and 35. Therefore, as the majority cohort of this society, it is pointless if our voice is not heard on issues that tact national importance. University students represent the intellectual arm of the youths; hence, have the capacity to speak on behalf of the young people, voicing their issues of concern and expressing their plight whenever necessary. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute is one of the emerging centers of intelligence and knowledge in this part of the country. The institution has evolved over the years into a formidable learning center that attracts students hungering for knowledge from various corners of the country. Due to our geographical location and other logistical challenges, we have not been able to play a crucial role in student protests in the past. But since the university has grown and matured in the past few years, so has our student politics. Therefore, it is high time we ran to the podium and promote justice and good governance, like other national institutions.

Finally, in as much as I believe that my position as a radical protestor is the right position to take amidst the challenges we face, I understand that some students may take different opinions or views on this issue. I know that there are some students who may not want to participate in the protests, some who support the war, and others who chose to be moderate protestors. Each one may have their reasons for the position they hold because and because this is a democratic society; each person can exercise their democratic rights. However, I would urge each of them to reconsider their positions and become radical protestors because the magnitude of the issue at hand requires an imminent solution. radicalism is the best strategy for getting quicker results to fix the problem and return this country to normalcy.

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