The Effects of the Reunification: Koreas Economic Success and Political Stability

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A consideration of the effects of the reunification can also be used as a basis to find whether this will be beneficial or otherwise. There are profound effects that would come with it, both negative and positive. It will affect Koreas economic success and political stability. The two countries were being governed by different political leaders, not to mention different political systems. Confusion could arise when trying to determine who will eventually lead Korea as a united country, as well as the most suitable process to be adopted. The lack of a suitable method of leadership could mean that the country could descend into chaos right after the unification. Furthermore, there are chances that there would be resistances to any of the two political structures that are currently being used in the two countries, further putting more pressure on the reunification. Besides, insurgents may be open to using hidden nuclear weaponry in the country as a means of responding to forced reunification attempts, posing worldwide dangers to participating countries. The fear of a retaliatory response by unknown North Korean arsenals could foil the reunification attempts pending the discovery of the secret North Korean nuclear arsenals.

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The reunification might, however, also lead to positive results. It would welcome peace and harmony not only between the two countries, but also with the United States and other surrounding countries. Research has shown that reunification of Korea might lead to the Seventh largest country with good economic growth due to availability of resources. This positive change will allow the surrounding countries to venture in possible business opportunities in Korea.

In conclusion, the reunification of the Koreas faces may challenges. The countries have been separated for over sixty years and have undergone metamorphosis in major areas, namely economically, politically, and socially. Whats more, hostility between the two nations has further hampered reunification attempts as there is no recourse to uniting strategies. Additionally, the reunification is premised on the collapse of one of the regimes. Even at this, there are chances of pocket resistances to the exercise due to the disapproval openly expressed between the countries. The reunification strategies may seem impossible at the present time due to the reasons. However, these challenges may be neutralized in the future giving hope to all of us that someday Korea might be one country once more.


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