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A story of the hidden babies is an article that was authored by Onyanga-Omara in an article published on the USA Today website. The article titled Mass grave with baby remains found in Ireland was published on March 3rd, 2017 and its details are presented in this paper.

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Investigators employed by the Ireland government unearthed one of the major scandals of this century. The news from the investigators was received on March 3rd, 2017 indicating that a mass grave had been discovered at the Catholic orphanage in Ireland. It had been detailed that the unearthed mass grave had many remains of toddlers. The premise is believed to have once served as a Catholic Mother and Baby Home in the Western parts of the country.

Before the emergence of the need for investigating the scene, a historian had stirred the wave of suspicion in 2014 after he disinterred almost 800 death certificates of children. All these certificates are believed to have belonged to the children believed to have lived at the identified home between 1925 and 1961. This is the exact period from the opening of the home to its time of closure. Basing on this particular lead, the government of Ireland appointed a commission to probe into the Mother and Baby Homes saga. The exhuming project that lasted from November 2016 to February 2017 led to the identification of 17 out of 20 underground chambers. These chambers are believed to have been water treatment or sewage treatment chambers. Samples from the site were taken for analysis which comprised the remains of juveniles between 35 weeks old and three years old. The samples were subjected to radiocarbon dating, which revealed that these remains were buried in the same period the home was in operation. More tests have been reported to be ongoing as the commission seeks a ground to cast their nets.

According to the Minister of children and youth affairs of Ireland, Katherine Zappone, the shocking discovery has left the commission contemplating on the occasion that led to such a frightening ordeal. The commission expressed its commitment to dig further into the issue uncover the people behind the disposal of the remains. As the investigations proceed, the commission has urged relevant authorities to treat the discovered remains effectively.

Another important lead reveals that the nuns who had been responsible for childrens home during its operation were the Bon Secours sisters. These sisters were tasked with handling childrens affairs at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home. The Bon Secours Sisters group stated that the nuns did return all documents of the controversial childrens home to Galway County Council in 1961. At that point in time, Galway county council was the custodian of the land in which the home operated. Bon Secours sisters further chose to refrain from making any conclusions regarding the case to pave the way for the commission to handle the case. It was also stated that the group assured the commission of continued support from the department to ensure that more true information of the hidden babies is revealed. A map of the entire premise, as well as a video clip of the same, has been included in the publication.

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