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Every person reading this is a special snowflake.

You might be finishing high school and anxiously waiting for a letter from your dream college. Or you might be midway through your Bachelor’s program. Or maybe you’re making your way through an MBA or working on a doctorate.

But there’s one thing we have in common. We all need help sometimes, more so when dealing with incomprehensible classes, distant professors, and unmanageable homework loads. Whatever your school struggles may be, we can help:

  • If you can’t get over your writer’s block, check out our essay samples. Get inspired, find relevant sources, and don’t be ashamed to borrow a great idea or two.
  • If you need an extra boost to secure the top grade, get a professional proofreader or editor to look over your paper. Streamline your writing using our pointers and forget about mistakes and typos.
  • If you’re all out of time and need a paper asap, let an expert writer take over. Delegate the most challenging assignments and get picture-perfect papers right on time for submission deadlines.

Start with 100% Free Essays

If you’re stuck in the very early stages of writing your paper with an uncooperative muse, jump straight into our database of free essay samples. It includes examples on every subject, from Art to Science, with a healthy dose of Law, Medicine, and Literature in between.

Every sample of college essay you see was written by your fellow student and submitted to our care. We receive dozens of new submissions daily and publish them as soon as possible to grow the largest academic database online. However, we do not have the resources to edit or proofread the entries due to the ever-growing number of submissions. Therefore, we cannot be held accountable for any of the information you find inside. So don’t be surprised if you see mistakes, typos, or inconsistencies in some entries. After all, they were created by your peers who are still perfecting their writing styles and research methodologies.

With all this in mind, we’ve developed a few guidelines to streamline your use of our sample database, accelerate your research, and keep you from getting into trouble:

  1. Use the search bar or the alphabetized category list to find a relevant free essay to copy. You may need to be creative with your search queries and look into related topics to find what you’re looking for.
  2. Make a list of exciting essay topics and tweak them until you create the perfect title for your paper. You can combine two or more topics into one or split a vast research question into several parts.
  3. Look for exciting points and relevant data you can borrow for your assignment. Take note of the thesis statement, the hook within the introduction and the final thoughts in the last paragraph. Transitions and topic sentences can also help make your paper flow smoothly between paragraphs.
  4. Check out the reference sections for titles and links to use in your essay. The more sources you find in our free essays, the less time you’ll need to spend in the library. But make sure the reference information remains credible and relevant at the time of writing. Double-check names, facts, and numbers, as we cannot promise they are 100% genuine.
  5. Use samples to your advantage, but avoid procrastination. Set a time limit for yourself or define the number of examples you want to browse before writing. Follow these self-imposed limitations to guarantee you don’t get stuck and switch to writing to meet your submission deadline.

DO NOT submit any of the essay examples under your name. We cannot guarantee plagiarism checkers will consider them original enough to be passable in your school. Instead, consider paraphrasing or rewriting if you’re short on time and need to turn in the paper asap.

Browse Popular Essay Categories

Our database hosts thousands of free essays spread over dozens of categories, so you are sure to find inspiration here. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest first browsing our most sought-after categories. These are the topics that cause students the most trouble and remain ever-popular:

Popular Topics in Literature

Literature is one of those classes any major can benefit from, as it provides the best samples of writing throughout human history. We can learn more about humanity and the world around us by reading, analyzing, and writing about poems, novels, and authors. So if you’re taking a Literature course and need help getting over the fear of a blank page, check out the most popular free college essays in our database:

From Stock Samples to Custom Writing

Suppose you don’t find a good enough sample to follow in our database. Does it mean you’re out of luck? Not at all! There are other ways we can help you deal with your assignment, including the services of professional academic writers.

So what do you do to get essay help? It’s easy: fire up live chat and contact our support agent. Explain your assignment, and they will help you fill in the order form to get the right expert on your case. There are many avenues for you to take. You can order a rewrite of a sample you like or one of your past essays. But you can also get an original piece written from scratch to fit your every instruction and requirement.

The road to your school success starts with the first step, and that’s contacting our support team.

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    Submit payment details
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    Get your homework done
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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • Where can I find free essays?

    Most reputable academic sample databases come with premium subscription plans, but our collection is 100% free and open for your perusal. Find a sample you need via a search bar or in the category list.
  • How did you manage to create such an extensive essay database?

    We accept submissions from thousands of students. We check the papers to eliminate duplicates and sort them by categories. Remember that all essays are written by your fellow students, and we neither edit nor proofread them before publishing.
  • How can students benefit from using your samples?

    You can get inspired to formulate a topic for your research and map out your piece after reading a sample or two. You can borrow a few core ideas from the examples you browse, and reference sections are great for speeding up your research. As long as you do not submit any of the samples under your name, you can use them any way you want.
  • What else do you have on your website?

    Our website is chock-full of useful resources. Aside from an essay sample database, we host a popular blog. Each post is a writing guide or a list of inspiring topics you can use to improve your grades. We can also write an original paper for you, whether it’s a 5-paragraph essay or a thesis.
  • Can I use information from Superbgrade to get inspiration for my essay?

    You can, and you should. That’s why we created this website - to help you get superb grades. Whether you choose to hire one of our writers, use our writing guides, or browse essay samples, you are sure to improve your academic performance.

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