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He is the current US Senator of the State of Florida. He assumed the roles of his office on January 3, 2011. He is also an American attorney born in Miami on May 28, 1971. He graduated from the University of Florida as well as the University of Miami School of Law. Some of his past roles for the Federal government include the City Commissioners position for West Miami and an elected position in the Florida House of Representatives. This essay is an analysis of Marco Rubios presidential appeal video posted on the YouTube website.

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Statement of the Texts Thesis Statement

The video taken for the analysis in this context is the Rubios about video that was featured on YouTube. In this video the thesis statement is to regain the essence of America through regaining the lost traditional values, slowing down the escalating wages and the high costs of living, and reducing the high debts in the nation.

The Candidate Audience in the Video

Marco Rubio is the primary candidate in this video.

The Candidates Purpose of Producing this Video

Rubios purpose of producing this video is to communicate with the American people. In the video, he is expressing his manifestos for the American people if he is to be elected as the next president of the US.

The Way the Text Works in the Context of Its Intended Audience

In this context, the video is meant to be watched by millions of YouTube users in the United States. YouTube is a highly effective method of communication. It is widely used for diverse marketing purposes by both individuals and corporations. According to 2015 YouTube statistical report, there are 1.3 billion YouTube users across the globe. Also, approximately 4.95 billion YouTube videos are watched each day. These statistics prove that YouTube is among the best mediums to use for communication. Rubios choice of this system is highly effective as it is guaranteed to reach millions of people across the United States.

Values of the Text

This YouTube video demonstrates the rich values of being a patriotic US citizen. Rubio is a patriotic citizen who has been serving in public offices for a long time. His message portrays his desires and visions for the United States government. This is in the event he is allowed to service as the next president of the United States. Rubios pride of his desire to be part of a change in his nation can be seen from his facial expressions in the video. It is clear that he has a deep passion for his nation and is willing to continue upholding the deep values of citizenship in the form of service to all.

Relevant Experiences of the Text

The effectiveness of this text can be supported by the experiences attained by using this form of communication to carry out various political campaigns in the past. In these contemporary times, the use of the internet has revolutionized the transfer of important messages from politicians to the nations citizens. Since the video was featured on the YouTube website, it has already attained over fifty thousand views, largely from the citizens of the US. This can also be supported by the number of views attained by other videos made by Rubio, communicating about his manifestos to the public.

Most Significant Rhetorical Strategies Used by Rubio in the Text

The greatest rhetoric logic used by Rubio when creating this video is inductive reasoning. This is because he makes broad generalizations of various observations he communicates in the video. For instances, he presumes that all the audience to the video feels out of touch with their government. He also argues that the society has lost all its traditional values and argues that wages have increased direct proportionally to the cost of living standards. Finally, he argues that the nation is drowning in debt, and the current president is being intimidated by Putin, Iran and Islam jihadists.

This strategy is effective in making a point and appealing the audience to reason with the proposed logic. Inductive reasoning is an example of logos rhetorical strategy. There is also the manifestation of pathos in Rubios text. He has perpetrated this using the humiliation strategy. In the video, Rubio claims that the current president is intimidated by Putin, Iran and Islam jihadists. Essentially, this might not be true, and it is arguable that there might be a reasonable explanation for the current order of things. These two aspects are effective in portraying the failures of the current government. It also sways the audience in understanding how appointing Rubio would correct the inadequacies of the current government system.

The Way Rubio Attempts to Connect with His Audiences Emotions

The primary method Rubio uses to make a connection with his audience is through his physical and emotional appeals. Rubio speaks from his heart, with all sincerity discussing the various issues he perceives to be affecting the nation. The depiction of sincerity is an effective way of connecting with peoples emotions.

The Way Rubio Attempts to Present Himself as Credible in the View of the Audience

He uses simple and clear words as well as straightforward sentences when making his points. In the text, he appears to be looking straight into the audiences eyes a symbol of genuineness. This ensures that the audience understands him and the points he is trying to make.

The Way Rubio Attempts to Construct an Argument that Works with the Audiences Logic

Rubio uses various controversial issues evidenced in the current federal government. He attempts to portray the issues as failures by the government system, which he can correct if given a chance to be the next president. His arguments are based on the weaknesses manifested by the local governance that is yet to be corrected. The audience is aware that the underlying problems exist and hopes that by attaining a new form of governance through Rubio, these problems can be remedied.

The Effectiveness of the Strategies Used for the Texts Intended Audience

All the strategies used in this analysis are highly effective due to Rubios use of the three rhetorical strategies. The strategies used in this contexts have aspects of ethos, pathos, and logos. Under the ethos aspect, Rubio is keen to state the traditional values he wished to restore once serving in the government. In his statements, he also portrays his willingness to make a personal sacrifice in an effort to correct the deficiencies evidenced in the current government system.

He also uses the pathos aspect in a bid to make the audience of the text trust him. This is achieved by his confidence and sincerity composure, which he uses when making his speech in the video. He appears to be looking straight into the eyes of the audience as a way of showing the genuineness of his statements. He also uses humiliation aspect to argue how the current president has been intimidated by Putin, Iran and Islam jihadists. Finally, Rubio manifests the logos aspect in his creation. This is through the use of inductive reasoning, which is a methodology he employs to make broad generalizations of various observations made with the current government

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