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A question that comes to mind is marriage something people do out of love or because it is beneficial to them at the time? In the article written by David Spade and Craig Willse, Marriage Will Never Set Us Free, they argue that marriage is a tool that is used by the United States to try and control peoples sexuality and family formations. The government is trying to control peoples sexuality and family formations through the use of popular culture and marriage. They use these tools to make those that are not married, unrecognizable to the country, or non-human or a criminal.

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Marriage is a tool that the United States uses to control sexuality and family formations, by rewarding those that are married with health benefits or becoming a legalized citizen. In the beginning of the article, Spade and Willse state, While marriage is being rewarded, other ways of organizing family, relationships and sexual behavior do not receive these benefits and are stigmatized and criminalized. In short, people are punished or rewarded based on whether or not they marry. The idea that same-sex marriage advocacy is a fight for the freedom to marry or equality is absurd since the existence of legal marriage is a form of coercive regulation in which achieving or not achieving marital status is linked to accessing vital life resources like health care and paths to legalized immigration. (Spade and Willse, Section I). In this quote Spade and Willse argue that even if same-sex is legalized, the idea of equality will still not be practiced. This is because those that are married are rewarded by health benefits or citizenship; however those that are not married are looked at as criminals for not being married. This idea of marriage is not fair and does not practice equality.

Also in the article by Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner, Sex in Public, they state that, New welfare and tax reforms passed under the cooperation between the contract with American and Clintonian fimilialism seek to increase the legal and economic privileges of married couples and parents. (Berlant and Warner, p.5). Warner and Berlant are agreeing with what Spade and Willse and also give an example on how married couples are rewarded in their time. The United States uses the benefits of marriage to persuade those to getting married, so that people may look down to those that are not married. In the United States, popular culture is used to promote sexuality that is normative as being a way to become a part of society as a normal human being, and that without marriage people are not considered to being humans or even whole. In the middle of the article Spade and Willse state, US popular culture is permeated by a set of myths about sex and romance that feminists have long worked to analyze and dismantle. We are told that people, but especially women, have empty, useless lives unless they are married. Women are encouraged to feel scarcity about the ability to marryto feel that they better find the right person and convince him to marry them quicklyor else face an empty life. In this equation, women are valued only for conforming to racist and sexist body norms and men are also objectified and ranked according to wealth. (Spade and Willse, section II). They are saying that women are trained to feel empty and useless until they find someone to marry.

Also, they are saying that women are told or taught that without marriage they will live a lonely and unimportant life. Towards the end of the article written by Roderick A. Ferguson, Of Our Normative Strivings: African American Studies and The History of Sexuality, he states that, As the conscripted subjects of sexual normativity, African Americans swear on behalf of the capacious embrace of the nation as that moral ideal that can aid a group whose struggle against perversion is tenuous, to be sure. Both war and sexual normativity claimed to be able to draft African Americans into citizenship and humanity. (Ferguson, p. 96). Ferguson is saying that African Americans were only considered humans and citizens only if they followed what is called normative practices of sexuality. The government promotes the normative through popular culture and use to determine whether or not someone is a human, citizen or even being whole.

Lastly, marriage is shown through popular culture as a romantic and beneficial way of life. However, it does not show the harsh realities of relationships that are abusive and exploitative. In the middle of the article Spade and Willse state, Feminists understand the scarcity and insecurity that women are trained to experience about love, romance and marriage as a form of coercion, pushing women into exploitative and abusive sexual relationships and family roles. Media messaging about how essential marriage and childrearing is for women to have a meaningful life is part of an ongoing conservative backlash against feminist work that sought to free women from violence and unpaid domestic labor. (Spade and Willse, section II). Spade and Willse are saying that women are trained to feel the need to marry because they want romance or true love.

Romance and love are feed to women through popular culture such as books, movies, and etc. Because of the need for love women fall into abusive and exploitative relationships. This is true; my mother was divorced when I was 5 years old. I do not remember my father, but I do remember my mom dating very soon after that. My mom remarried two years later, and this man was horrible. He was abusive not only to her but to my brother and I. I asked her why she married him, and her response was I had an image in my head of what family is. It is a mom, a dad, and kids. I felt like I needed help from a man to keep my family safe and protected. I also thought he was romantic and in love with me. What she said to me stayed with me and reading this quote made me understand her for the first time. She was trained to believe she had to remarry in order for romance and love. She felt she had to do it for her family to be complete. Marriage is shown to be romantic and beneficial, but they do not warn people that there are relationships that are abusive.

Marriage is recognized from each other type of friendship associations between people since it is extensive. It includes a sharing of lives and assets, and a union of psyches and wills consequently, in addition to other things, the prerequisite of assent for shaping a marriage. In any case, on the marital perspective, it likewise incorporates natural real union (Gale, David, and Lloyd S. Shapley., 13). This is on the grounds that the body is a genuine part of the per child, not only his outfit, vehicle, or property. People are not appropriately comprehended as non-bodily persons personalities, apparitions, consciousnesses, that possess and utilize non-personal bodies. All things considered, on the event that somebody ruins your car, he vandalizes your property, and however in the event that he cuts off your leg, he harms you. Since the body is an intrinsic part of the human individual, there is a difference in kind in the middle of vandalism and infringement; between destruction of property and mutilation of bodies.

In like manner, in light of the fact that our bodies are really parts of us as per children, any union of two individuals that did not include natural real union would not be complete, and it would forget an imperative part of every individual's being. Since persons are bodymind composites, a real union amplifies the relationship of two companions along an altogether new measurement of their being as persons. On the off chance that two individuals need to unite in the extensive path appropriate to marriage, they should unite naturally, that is, in the substantial measurement of their being (Stone, Lawrence, 91). This need of substantial union can be seen most plainly by envisioning the options. Assume that Michael and Michelle assemble their relationship not on sexual selectiveness, but rather on tennis restrictiveness. They promise to play tennis with each other, and just with each other, until death do them part. Is it true that they are in this manner wedded?

No substitute for tennis any nonsexual activity by any means, despite everything they aren't wedded: Sexual restrictiveness, selectiveness regarding a particular sort of substantial union is required. In any case, what is it about sex that makes it particularly equipped for making real union? Individuals' bodies can touch and associate in a wide range of ways, so why does just sexual union bode well one substance? Our organs our heart and stomach, for instance, are parts of one body since they are facilitated, alongside different parts, for a typical natural motivation behind the entire: our bio consistent life (Stone, Lawrence, 91). It takes after that for two people to unite organically, and in this manner substantial, their bodies must be facilitated for some natural reason for the entirety (Moretti, M. M., et al., 302). That kind of union is inconceivable in connection to capacities, for example, processing and dissemination, for which the human individual is by nature adequate.

In any case, singular grown-ups are normally deficient concerning one organic capacity: sexual multiplication. In coitus, however not in different types of sexual contact, a man and a lady's bodies coordinate by method for their sexual organs for the normal natural reason for generation (Gale, David, and Lloyd S. Shapley., 13). They perform the initial step of the complex regenerative procedure. In this manner, their bodies get to be, in a solid sense, one, they are organically united, and don't just rub together in intercourse, correspondingly to the path in which one's heart, lungs, and different organs frame solidarity: by coordinating for the natural great of the entirety. For this situation, the entire is comprised of the man and lady as a couple, and the organic great of that entire is their generation (Spanier, Graham, 21). Here is another method for taking a gander at it. Union on any plane real, mental, or whatever includes common coordination on that plane, toward a decent on that plane.

Whenever Einstein and Bohr examined a material science issue, they composed intellectual partner for a scholarly decent, truth. Furthermore, the scholarly union they delighted in was genuine, regardless of whether its definitive focus was achieved expecting, as we securely can, that both Einstein and Bohr were sincerely looking for truth and not just imagining while participating in double dealing or different acts which would make their evident scholarly unparticular just a hallucination (Moretti, M. M., et al., 302). By augmentation, substantial union includes shared coordination towards a real decent, which is acknowledged just through intercourse. What's more, this union happens notwithstanding when origination, the substantial great toward which sex as an organic capacity is oriented, does not happen. At the end of the day, natural substantial solidarity is accomplished when a man and lady direction to perform a demonstration of the kind that causes origination.

This demonstration is generally called the demonstration of era or the generative act: it is a free and adoring articulation of the mates lasting and restrictive responsibility, then it is additionally a conjugal demonstration (Stone, Lawrence, 91). Since interpersonal unions are significant in themselves, and not only as intends to different closures, a spouse and wife's adoring real union in sex and the exceptional sort of relationship to which it is essential are important regardless of whether origination comes about and notwithstanding when origination is not looked for (Sievers, Jonathan L., et al, 060). Be that as it may, two men or two ladies can't accomplish natural substanti...

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