Training Programs and Their Effectiveness

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I devised a very effective training program that considers the specific needs of the employees. Instead of generalizing all the trainees, my training program has different levels of training which gives the employees the information that they require in their areas of specialization. In this regard, instead of giving a finance officer trainee a training that is for another department, my training offers the general as well as the departmental training which is specific to every trainee. As such, trainees do not need to waste their time and money getting information that does not reflect their area of work. Consequently, this would be for the benefit of Muggles Business. Before creating the training program, I was considerate of the fact that Muggles Business was due to open their operations in 2 months time. As such, the training was for utmost 2 months. Despite the timescales, I was confident that my trainees would be very efficient and competent in their work. To satisfy the needs and wants of every trainee, I had devised different types of training delivery methods. Specifically, each level of the training had its own training delivery. This was necessitated by the different characteristics that people inhibit. As such, I strived to give the trainees of the Muggles business the best training to enable them achieve their career goals and aspirations.

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Several external factors are likely to affect the training program negatively. External factors are those, which are beyond neither my control, nor that of anyone else in Muggles Business. In this regard, the failure of the trainees to attend the training is one of those external factors. This can be caused by avoidable or unavoidable obstacles, which are the faults of the trainees. As such, there would be a knowledge gap between those who attended the training and those who did not. Specifically, those who did not get training will not get the necessary skills, hence disadvantaging the company. Additionally, such trainees will not be able to match with the others due to lack of knowledge about the new rules. As such, Muggles Business will have to get a consensus on the suitable date for everybody when every trainee will be available. The cost of training those people who miss the training will be extra costs or the company. The other external factor that is likely to affect the training is the departure of employees. In this regard, when some of the employees get the training skills, they might decide not to work the company. In such a case, Muggles Business will be forced to hire another employee who would also require the training.

The effect of these external factors is to lower the efficiency of my training program. In this regard, if any trainees falls ill and fails to turn up for the training, it would mean that the training would be rescheduled. To solve this, Muggles should ensure that those trainees are given the necessary skills so that they match with the others in the workplace. Lack of training for some of the employees would paint a bad image on the whole training; therefore, Muggles should ensure that all employees are able and willing to attend the training. In any case, I would ensure that I give the employees the necessary knowledge that will enable them to be more effective and productive in their departments. This way, Muggles would get more profits, which indeed, will be success for everybody.

The Effectiveness and Importance of Muggles Training Plan

In my training program, I employed a very clear, simple and structured program that is productive and efficient for the trainees. The arrangement of the program ensures that every action of the training is well scheduled. Additionally, it ensures that as a trainer, I am not confused on the next part of training that I should undertake. In this regard, I am able to switch from one training session to the other without any confusion whatsoever. To increase efficiency, I devised my training plan in such a way that every single trainee gets the necessary time and information necessary for the progress. Using the different delivery methods, I was able to take care of the needs of each individual employee without any generalization. However, some of trainees wanted the training to be practical while others wanted it to be theoretical. Through a monitor performance, I was able to gauge the performance of every single employee and hence make any necessary clarification. However, I considered the budget of Muggles business as well as its financial standing. In this regard, I compared the budget with the cost of training so as to gauge the utility of the training.

As signed off in the last week of the training, I demonstrated how the actual work is to be performed. This was to ensure a smooth operation of the various departments of Muggles. In this demo, I was able to gauge whether the trainees got the skills and information that I was imparting on them during the training. Additionally, I was able to estimate how the training would influence the productivity and effectiveness of the company in the short and long run.

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