Jordanian Listed Companies AIS

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Background of the study

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Most of the Jordanian Listed Companies have adopted the use of accounting information systems to automate and integrate their business operations as well as increasing the efficiency and competitiveness. As indicated by the Jordanian Companies Act No. 22, the accounting annual reports provided by the companies must be legitimate. Also, JSDC (Jordanian Securities Depository Center) requires that all listed companies must follow International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to prepare the annual reports. Due to these requirements and regulations, it is imperative that the Jordanian Companies Integrate the Quality Accounting Information System with the employee ethics to achieve Timeliness of the Annual Report as required by law.

Statement of the Problem

How can the Jordanian Listed Companies integrate employee ethics and quality accounting information systems to obtain timely corporate reports in Jordan?


- To assess whether the accounting information systems currently used by the listed companies in Jordan are quality

- To investigate the possibility of integrating quality accounting information systems and employee ethics in Jordanian Listed Companies

- To evaluate the role of corporate governance in the implementation of the quality accounting information systems and the employees ethics in Jordanian Listed Companies

Significance of the Study

Since the financial crisis that hit Jordan in 2008, there has been a significant concern about the performance of the companies in the country. This study will seek to contribute to the countrys endeavor to achieve maximally performing corporations to promote the growth of the economy. To achieve this, the researcher will investigate how the integration of quality accounting information systems with employees ethics in the Jordanian Listed Corporations can promote the timeliness of the annual report. The outcome of the research will be presented to the corporate governance in the Jordanian companies to check the applicability of the proposed integration mechanisms for better performance of these companies. The outcomes will also be useful to stakeholders, accountants and those in corporate management. It will assist them in determining whether it is important to establish accounting systems and have employees with good ethics to promote timely reporting of corporate financial reports.


The researcher will use qualitative research methods to conduct the study. Some of the analytical tools that will be used include:

- In-depth interviews

- Surveys

- Focus groups

- Collection of texts from previously researched documents

Surveys will also be conducted in companies with reliable accounting systems and strong employee ethics versus those who have not established quality accounting systems. The researcher chose the qualitative research technique because it will provide the respondents with an opportunity to expound their views on the topic as well as expressing their opinions on the same.

Models and Paradigm

Since the topic of the study will touch more on cultures and corporate governance within the Jordanian Listed Companies, the researcher will adopt the use of Hofstedes Onion Model to assess how the employees ethics culture can be established in the Jordanian listed companies and later integrated with the quality accounting information systems. In addition, the researcher will utilize philosophical interpretive approach so as to be able to employ multiple perspectives and construction of the knowledge during the study.

Expected Limitations

In the course of this research, there are limitations that will be encountered. Some of these limitations include refusal of some prospective interviewees to respond as well as the inability to access required information as some companies may be uncomfortable sharing their corporate information.

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