A Business Proposal for the Establishment of Middle Eastern Restaurant

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Attached hereby is a business proposal for the establishment of Middle Eastern Restaurant in South Williamson Port, PA. The venture comes at an opportune time when the number of tourists in the area is increasing at a high rate. It is therefore prudent to take advantage of this influx of tourists from the Middle East and other Asian cities coming to America. It is thus viable to set up a restaurant that will address the insatiable appetite and penchant for Middle East cuisines and culture. This will be both beneficial to not only the tourists but also for the residents of South Williamsport who will derive benefits either directly or indirectly.

Middle Eastern restaurant in Williamsport will include equipment classified as kitchen, refrigeration and lodge equipment and appliances. The restaurant will be operational 24/7 thus providing services to any tourist at any time of the day. The unique selling point of the restaurant is its ability to blend Middle Eastern and Western Cuisines and cultures. The prices will also be pocket-friendly as well as the various specials that will come as added packages for the tourists.

I have attached a copy of business proposal for your review. Please feel free to contact by phone at XXX-YYY-ZZZ or by email at [email protected], and I will be pleased to provide you with any additional information required. Thank you for your consideration.





Purpose and Analysis

In order to start any business, there are various factors that are to be analyzed to ensure that the business to be started performs well in the market and serves to uphold high quality standards in the society. Restaurants are very challenging businesses to start and operate and this is because of the challenges that owners of such businesses face regarding the choice of foods to be offered, types of employees, skills that the employees need to acquire, amount of capital, variety of foods to be offered among others. In addition to the challenges that come with starting and operating a restaurant, additional challenges come with staring a Middle Eastern restaurant in a region of different ethnic social and cultural setup. The differences in the social, religious, and cultural setting in the United States and the Middle East prove the need to put the matter under scrutiny and develop proper business strategies that would help in tackling all the challenges to such a restaurant in America.

The purpose of this paper is to carry out holistic analysis of the proposal of starting a Middle Eastern restaurant in America and identify the various ways through which the society can overcome the barriers of social, cultural and religious differences. This paper also serves to appreciate the benefits of running a cross-cultural business in the society and the impacts that it has in the society. This is in addition to analysis of the preparation stages and preparedness that such a restaurant needs to go through to ensure that the goals and objectives are met and help in reaching out to diverse groups of people. Analysis to be carried out include the amount of capital required, skills and competencies that employees need to acquire, and the variety of foods that suits the American people.


1.1 High Number of Middle East students and their Families

With the current increase in number of students and families in the area around Williamson Port, there is the need to look out for a way that will ensure that their culinary needs are met. This entail coming up with a restaurant that will offer them delicacies similar to those offered in the Middle East. It is therefore necessary to set up a hotel or restaurant that will help in meeting this gap. The exploitation of this market gap is thus a reason to set up a business in the area around Williamson Port.

1.2 High Cost of Arabic Cuisines

The hotels and restaurant available within the region that offers Middle East delicacies are few and if any charge high prices. This makes them beyond the reach of the common Middle East student. It is therefore imperative to come up with a restaurant that will not only provide such food but one that will also ensure that the food served is cheap and of high quality.

1.3 Specialty in Asian Cuisines

There are few restaurants that serve a blend of Western Cuisines and Asian Cuisines in the area around Williamson Port. It is therefore prudent to open a restaurant that will capitalize on this market gap and ensure that clients and other food lovers get the chance to see how the two cultural food practices can be blended to come up with a unified cuisine. The blend will serve as a unique selling point for the restaurant to be open. It is thus the aim and objective of this plan to ensure that everything falls in place and the clients get a real taste of the blend.

2.0 DISCUSSIONBefore opening any given business such as a restaurant, there are various factors that one should consider. The consideration of these factors serves an important purpose in ensuring whether the business will succeed or fail. For the case of the restaurant planned to be opened in the area around Williamson Port, there are factors such as the following that will play a crucial role. They include:





Dining factors such as dine-in, drive through, parking

Marketing such as newspaper, radio, specials, logos

Permit licenses, inspection


Suppliers of vegetables, meat-fish, chicken and beverages

Equipment need


2.1 LocationIn setting up any given business, it is imperative to look at the location. The location refers to the physical address of the business. It helps to determine various factors that relates to other services offered by the business. For the case of the restaurant to be set up at Williamson Port, the location will prove important. It is important to set up the restaurant in a location that is free from the normal traffic in Williamson. The area should be accessible by all means such as road, rail and other means of transports. After a careful analysis of the area around Williamson Port, the best location for setting up the restaurant in the area is around South Williamson, PA 17702. The area is renowned for its beautiful ranches and homes to many reptiles. This attracts more tourists from different parts of the world. This might be a good place to capitalize on the high number of tourists from the Middle East and other parts of the world.


The general layout of any given hotel or restaurant serves an important purpose in attracting or pushing customers away. Out of the recognition of this need, the management of the restaurant to be set up in the area around Williamson Port will look into a way that will ensure that the hotel is attractive in nature. The following plan is set up for the general layout of the restaurant. It looks at a way of blending the Eastern culture and the Western culture through the architectural design.

The hotel rooms are to be in the Standard Suite layout that factors in the availability of space and at the same time offer comfort and ambience to the visitors. The layout is designed in such a way that the bath will overlook the Wet bar and this will give one the opportunity to access both the living room fitted with a television set on the right as well as the spacious bedroom also fitted with a television set and high speed internet connection.

2.3 Re-Molding

Out of the need to cut down on the cost, most business managers have to make a tough decision on whether to buy a whole new structure that is suited to the well-laid plan or even renovate an existing model to suit their needs. For the case of the new restaurant to be set in Williamson Port, it is imperative and prudent to look at the cost factor. This makes it cheaper to renovate a derelict building within the area that was not intended for a hotel. The renovation will entail coming up with structural changes in the building to align with the laid plan. There will be renovation of the floor, and this entails changing the carpet floor with vinyl tiling. This will be supplemented with red Floral Woven Wilton Carpet specifically designed for restaurants. This will improve on the aesthetic beauty of the floor. Based on the experience in the field of renovation, remolding and carpeting, Ashton Point will spearhead the renovation of the hotel. This will give it an ambient touch that blends Western and Eastern Architectural plan that will attract a high number of clients from the Middle East and other parts of the world. The renovation of the hotel will follow strict guidelines as laid down by the International Code Council on building codes.

The following is a pictorial sample of the carpet designs that will be put on place for the restaurant

It will be fully fitted in all the areas around the living room and the bedroom and the other areas fitted with v...

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