How to Entry into the Master of Social Work Graduate Program

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My name is.. I am applying for admission into the Master of Social Work Graduate Program. I am currently working as a discharge planner at an Adult Psychiatric Unit in a hospital. In this position, my main duties and responsibilities include working with patients to ensure they get the appropriate and relevant aftercare services after they are discharged from the hospital. I work with these patients and coordinate with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that the patients have information about and access to therapists, psychiatrists, outpatient providers, support groups and other such parties for help after being discharged.

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I am convinced that your institution is the best place for me to further my career and to help in the fulfillment of my professional and personal mission and vision. I plan to devote my life and my career to respond to the needs of vulnerable and oppressed people. Also, I plan to devote my career to the upholding of human rights, social and economic justice to the extent of my capacity. I believe that the Masters of Social Work graduate program at your institution will be the best place for me to build this capacity to enable me to discharge my duties in my career more professionally and efficiently. I am confident that your mission of preparing individuals for an evolving, complex, technological global society suits my mission and commitment to social justice. I also believe that your institutions aim of shaping individuals who can think critically, communicate effectively, embrace diversity and practice ethically is what I need to further my career in the field of social work.

As a discharge planner in adult psychiatrist hospital, training in the Master of Social work program will help me become a more productive and a more efficient worker. Training in the graduate program will expand my ken and will thus be instrumental in helping me figure out new solutions to everyday problems that may arise out of my work. Training in the Graduate program will also help polish my skills thus making me better at my current job. The training will also give me new multiple perspectives from which to approach the issues that affect my work. I also believe studying in the master of social work program will increase both my capacity and my ability to handle issues, both practical or theoretical that may spring up in my field of work. I believe that your institution, with its facilities, resourceful faculty and the attitude and goals shared by the scholar population at the institution would provide the best environment for me to pursue to these objectives.

The training acquired at the graduate level at your institution will help me to approach better my work regarding supporting recovery, encouraging resiliency and fostering capacity building. Training at the masters level will help me to accomplish more in assisting the patients that have been discharged from our hospital. I am also expecting that the program will empower me to guide patients better on the path of recovery by enabling them to discover multiple ways to build the right relationships that will set them firmly on the path to recovery. The training that I will receive at the Masters level will also empower me better to nourish, encourage and support resiliency among the recovering patients. The expanded knowledge base that will a result of the graduate program will equip me with skills that will help to identify and nurture resiliency, helping to shine a light on patients with hope and helping them to harden up for any challenges they are facing or that they may potentially face.

It is therefore with great optimism that I am applying to be admitted into your Master of Social Work program I thank you in advance for your positive consideration.

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