Why I Deserve the State Funded Scholarship

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I am applying for a state-funded scholarship because I realize its importance in helping me achieve my career goals and aspirations. As long as I can remember, it was my desire to study to be a medical student specializing in public health. From my third grade, I used to care for others including my classmates when hurt or wounded. I am very passionate to see people in good health so that they can tackle the demands of life. Apart from my passions, I have many achievements and excellent results. Moreover, the only hindrance from me being able to impact the society as I desire is financial constraints which can be offset if I get the government scholarship.

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When I was growing up, we experienced some challenges that made me be able to endure difficulties. I learnt to be content and appreciate what I have. I am a versatile person who does not easily give up. I patiently endure without giving up. I am a person determined to realize the goals which I set. I am a focused individual with a clear target and direction of where I want to do. I have learnt in life to pull through the hard situations to realize my goals. I am the resilient person in whatever I do. Even in my academic life, I never gave up even in the hard exams and challenges that came along when I studied in junior high. One time I was diagnosed with pneumonia which kept recurring affecting my ability to study like any other student. Against all odds I strived to study and excel in my exams, I would gather some little energy read and revise. My tutors were amazed when I scored the best in my one the exams despite the sickness. When I had just finished my junior high, my parents separated, and my mother did not have sufficient income to cater for my needs and those of my siblings. As a first born, I looked for part-time jobs to be able to educate myself and provide for my other needs. Moreover, at times, I would combine school work and job and be able to perform excellently. Sometimes during the holidays, I would make enough money to cater for my academic needs and those of my younger sisters. Currently, because of academic workload and demand and the high cost of medical school, I cannot be able to finance myself adequately.

I was a part of welfare club in junior high. We would make time maybe on the weekends and visit the less privileged in the society, sick people in hospitals and especially young children who were hospitalized. I led a group of classmates to go and help the orphans. As a team leader, I mobilized resources and commodities like household goods to impact their lives positively. I have leadership skills that I learnt from seminars and conferences I have attended in the course of my academic journey. I was trained in basics of leadership and was able to apply that as a captain in school. When granted that scholarship, I will study more on leadership and be able to use that knowledge on a daily basis in my career. Moreover, the scholarship will give me an opportunity to impact other younger people with the leadership of integrity in their circles. As a person passionate about good leadership, and its importance I will be able to impact others as well. I will choose to be efficient and effective, doing voluntary training, especially in schools to ensure they acquire those skills, knowledge and attitude. As a person who would be in the medical field, I will be able to know how best to communicate to patients even those with chronic diseases which might have lost hope. I have also achieved a certificate course in counselling psychology which will be every handy in my area of operation. I have counselled many students in my class especially those coming from non-functional home or where parents have divorced. I function best there as I was once there, and I can be empathetic as well. I do not judge a person wellbeing based on their current situations. I believe in what a person is capable of coming regardless of their prevailing circumstances. I have seen students progressively improve their grades just because I believed in them. Some, in fact, have been able to boost their self-esteem, see the value they have and gain confidence to move on with life.

My ultimate career aspirations are to be able to have a counselling clinic which will help people understand their health problems. Furthermore, through that center, people will be able to distinguish between physical and psychological ailments that may be affecting their health. Most importantly, that marriage and will be restored and husbands and wives choose to help each other and understand the differences that coexist between the two genders. I will help younger people know the importance of good marriages they would get into in the future and how that affects their children. The adolescents are suffering from complicated family lives; I will help them deal with that positively without resulting to drugs as some have done. I will also mobilize people and other organizations to enhance in maternal health and that of children, especially in developing countries. These networks will do so through various platforms. I desire to see a community that is functional and the overall health of each person a priority.

Yours Sincerely

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