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The retail company under study will be Giant hypermarket that is one of the largest retailer and chain hypermarket situated in Malaysia, Singapore. It has got an expansion of many branches which is found all over the country. Giant hypermarket was founded in 1944 by the Teng family. Initially, the company was established as a small grocery store that was situated in Kuala Lumpur (Giant, 2015). The industry progressed from a grocery shop to being a minimarket in the year 1974. The buying of the 90% by the International Holdings was a start point for the successful expansion and the opening of different branches in Singapore.

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Concerning the current state of the Giant Company, it has general plans that should be implemented to make sure that the human resource department has been significantly achieved (, 2015).The company should ensure that the human resource department is firmly supported so that the need and the expectations of the business can be met and in turn cause satisfaction. The department can acquire support through various recommendations in the internal organization processes such as the planning of job analysis and job design. For the business to be a success, the human resource should be strengthened, and new strategies be put in place since the department is solely the pillar of the business. When there is the implementation of new job analysis and job design, the performance of the employees will improve, and this means that when the performance increases, the services become better, and the sales also rise hence profit making.

Human resource department should also be in a position to be able to ensure that the recruitment, selection, retention and training performance management and compensation. All these factors are the one that will contribute to the productivity of the companys workers. The plans of the business should incorporate the various designs, analysis, selection and recruitment strategies that will work towards making the business and the performance of the business success. The designs and analysis of job should be efficient, motivational and with safety precautions.

The plans should be stratified in the form of the different programs that will be a top management level. The planning will focus entirely on the human resource department. The human resource manager should be in a position to translate all the human resource plans that will occur in the department. In this context, the plans will include the internal organization that deals with the promotion and the efficiency of the employees ability to deliver accountable and competence services.

The planning will include verifying whether there is a shortage of employees and the trend of the performance in the industry should be in a position to be presented by the human resource manager so that the correct analysis and design strategies can be organized and implemented. The analysis will help the HRM to note and plan for changes if the information that is found shows the company increase or decrease in demand and supply. The plans therefore should consist ways to specify the number of employees, the schedule for recruitment and the increased access to qualified workers who will match with the changes that keep fluctuating in the business.

Job analysis (job description and job specification) for Giant Hypermarket

In the context of job analysis, the department of the human resource should apply different approaches that will ensure that the Giant hypermarket will be in a position to monitor all the activities that should make the business prosper. Among those activities is doing a job analysis with regard to its specification and description. For example, the Giant hypermarket has got many stores and the stores are managed by human resource managers who make the business to be able to face new emerging issues.

There are various methods however that the human resource should employ so that he can do a job analysis in his department. He should be able to apply the use of interviews and surveys with the applicants who come to seek for an opportunity to be able to provide services in the industry (Franklin & American Society for Training and Development, 2005). The Giant Company should be able to determine the issues that are facing the company so that it can match them with the needs of the company. The need should be able to be aligned with the availability of the human resources department in the Giant hypermarket.

The job description should be highly varied and differentiated. The human resource manager should also be in a position to develop job descriptions that mostly will involve the required activities that the Giant Company might need. The activities should be based on the sales since a lot of activities in the Giant Company will revolve around the sales personnel, sales supervisors, sales managers and store managers. The activities that are involved in that job description should be evaluated, and accountability noted so that the human resource can verify whether to include more employees or reduce them to the consideration of how demand and supply take place.

The Giant Hypermarket specification should be varied as well. The human resource should apply the knowledge and skills that are found in sales and marketing (Hartley, 1999). He should consider the specification for the job and the requirement should be a worker with at least a degree in sales or any other related discipline in the management of the store. The specification should be done so that the Giant Hypermarket can enhance its undertakings and the employees accountability and competence to deliver good services that will lead to the success of the company. Job analysis should have strategies that will increase the employees morale and communication such that the human resource will be in a position to benefit from the feedbacks and thus accurate job analysis.

Job design (efficiency, motivation, safety & health (ergonomics) and mental capacity)

The Giant job design should be organized and incorporated in the form of a centralized and hierarchical and with some level of decentralization. The type of design should be there so that the organizational structure of the Giant Company can be presentable so that the corporate department of the human resource can have a jurisdiction in the stores and the sales (Parker & Wall, 1998). When the company applies the hierarchical and centralized organizational structures, it should be able to monitor all the direct activities that will be presented to the company. The design should also include the different motivations in the form of plans to make the job design more appropriate and comfortable for the human resource manager.

Application of different job designs should be able to allow the human resource to implement strategies that are based on the unique needs of the individual stores. The designs should include strategies that motivate the employees like an increase in salaries and promoting some of the sales personnel. The job design should include strategies that will enhance the safety of the employees that is the working conditions, the allocated time for the employees to avail themselves of work and the time they are supposed to leave. The conditions should be conducive, and the environment should be accommodative so that the job can be handled efficiently. The design should be able to include effective ways that would be able to facilitate the health of the employees so that they can feel that they are catered for.

Recruitment strategies and its implementation for Human Resource Department

For the Giant Hypermarket to satisfy the staff needs there is a need for the company to evolve its recruitment strategies. The strategies that need to be adopted should suite the different positions within the firm. Since the hypermarket has various stores (61 stores) in the island, the company should employ the retail industry strategy while selecting new employees (, 2015). For Instance, the company should employ the use of continually evolving compensation programs, workers career development and the implementation of the employee-relations management within the firm. The utilization of appropriate recruitment practices together with the implementation of the workers development programs will ensure that the Giant Hypermarket workers are motivated, and the Department of Human Resource Management will be in a position to maintain effectively human resources that can run the companys current operations and enable it to expand globally in the future.

Recruitment practices that should be adopted at Giant Hypermarket in Singapore

Use of internal and external recruitment sources Giant Hypermarket should implement the use of internal and external recruitment sources for various available positions. The internal recruitment sources will provide the companys existing workers with an opportunity to apply for various positions that are available. Conversely, the use of external recruitment sources will enable the Department of Human Resource Management in the Company to have access to the labor market so that it can fulfill its role in the organization (Schermerhorn, 2010). Such combination of both internal and external recruitment sources will ensure that Giant Hypermarket is flexible enough to satisfy it human resource needs.

Types of internal recruitment sources that can be used by Giant Hypermarket

Giant Hypermarket can employ the use of various internal recruitment sources such as:

Hiring Trainees

Typically, big businesses such as the Giant Hypermarket in Singapore employ potential workers, and they train them in given specializations. The department of human resources management at the Giant Hypermarket should absorb such people in the positions in which they have trained. Besides fulfilling the staffs needs, this strategy will enable the department of human resources at Giant Hypermarket to minimize its spending on training new employees (Ehnert, 2009).

Recruiting the existing workers in the firm

For the existing workers, the Department of Human Resource Management at Giant Hypermarket can promote the current employees from supervisory roles to managerial positions. Adoption of the existing employees as the primary internal recruitment strategy can improve the companys performance as it enhances workers morale thus satisfying their needs (Schermerhorn, 2010).

Transferring employees from departments that are less active to those that are more active

The department of human resource at Giant Hypermarket should employ the use of interdepartmental transfers although in small scales. Inter-departmental transfer technique should be applied only when the company faces temporally workers shortage in some departments.

Types of external recruitment strategies that can be used at Giant Hypermarket

Giant Hypermarket can use the following external recruitment sources:

Recruiting those people who respond to the companys job advertisements

The department of human resource at Giant Hypermarket should use this technique as the main source of external recruitment strategy. Recruiting the job advertisements respondents will provide the companys departments with the most talented workers as most of the applicants are qualified (Sharma & Cartwrigh, 2002). Also, this technique will lower the companys cost of reaching the applicants as most of the jobs will be posted on the companys website.

Qualified Campus Graduates

Giant Hypermarket should collaborate with institutions of higher learning in Singapore so that they can provide courses that are directly related to the business activities that take plac...

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