The United States Constitution

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The Constitution of the United States is considered as the central instruments which can be used as the supreme law of the land. It has been used as a guide over a period of 200 years in the evolution of the government institutions, political stability, individual freedom and the growth in the social and the economic progress. The Constitution of the USA has been emulated as a model for some other constitutions around the world.

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The path in which the constitution took was not straight, and it does not mean that it was easy either. After the draft had been made in 1787, an intense debate arose about six years with the existing federal union at the time. A declaration was made in the 13 colonies of the British as the American was declared to be independent in 1776. A fatal war broke out, which lasted for six years and afterwards the American nations came together and designated the Article Confederation and the Perpetual Union. The article was adapted mainly by the congress of the states in the year 1777. After the constitution had been made, it aimed at creating a strong elected government that would be responsive to the will of the people.

The constitution did what the Articles of Confederation had initially tried to do only that this time there was a strong federal government, which had broad powers that were used to regulate the relations of the states and with sole responsibilities in the areas of foreign affairs and the defense. When the constitution was compared with the contemporary government, it was noted that there were challenges that could stand in the way of thegoverning 4 million people with less developed conditions. The constitution created a platform not only for the presentbut the future. The declaration of the independence was the foundation of the Americans political tradition. It announced the decision that was made and which stipulated that 13 Americans colonies were to separate themselves from the British colonies. The constitution was able to achieve the unification of the United States of America.

The Federalists was the first political party in the United States of America, and it was led by Alexander Hamilton. Nevertheless, the party was being led by Albeit at first although in secrecy. They were the first people who were able to support the constitution, and they made several attempts that were supposed to convince the States that they needed to ratify the document. The Federalists supported the constitution, and they claimed that it was supposed to stay without the inclusion of the bill of right, but the anti-federalism argued that the bill of right needed to be included so that it can limit the powers given by the parliament.

After Washington had been convinced by the strong national government, he attended the Constitutional Convention. The convention of the delegates had assumed that Washington would bechosen as the first president under the new constitution, and so they advocated for a strong executive, was distrusted by most of the Americans. To solve this, the opinions that Washington issued on the power that was to be given to the president, shaped up everything and his support was widely acknowledged. He pointed out to the Anti-Federalist Patrick Henry that, the constitution was the best thing to begained, and the union would only await their choice. He was able to support the constitution as he knew that there were high chances that he would be elected as the first president to rule under the constitution.

A constitution cannot become real if there is no institution to implement it. The aim of the constitution is to assist a nation to be governed in a fair and a just environment through maintenance of the protocol and order. George Washington advocated for this as he was using the strong executive powers to show that he is a trustworthy person. He sought advice and contents of the Senate in making appointments and executive treaties. For a nation to prosper, it needs to have a constitution on the right hands like those of Washington.

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