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Refugees are a critical part of every population. In a situation of calamities, which at times intensify due to internal clashes such as the case in Syria, many people lose their homes and the search for external habitation becomes the only option. However, they have to depend on the support on well-wishers since they have no capacity to keep them going. Even if the government has a duty in helping them, the private citizens/groups remain the ones with the core responsibility of taking care of the refugees.

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Firstly, refugees experience many hardships, which only the people in close contact with them can only comprehend. For instance, following Ishmaels story in Sierra Leone, refugees are always desperate, lack basics, and starvation is the order of the day (Beah Ch. 4). As a result, they look for support especially from the ordinary citizens with the government being far-flung. In fact, they feel at ease due to the comfort and support they receive from close connections (Beah Ch 17). On the same case, citizens and ordinary groups are much willing to offer help as compared to the government where refugee matters may face complications due to politics (Bernard 14). A recent example of such challenges is the Congress opposing the accommodation of 10,000 Syrian refugees due to political differences.

Similarly, the citizens should take care of the refugees since they share most of the time with them. That is right in its entirety. More so, it is less stressful for the government to deal with the case and the citizens remain in a better position to accommodate them in all ways. To cement the matter, people are always supportive to charity processes and readily donate to organizations that care for refugees. For instance, Hope for Syria and InterAction enjoy tremendous global support as a group to give relief to the homeless (Bernard 16-17). As a result, there is much connection with the ones in need in which people are as well receptive to give support. Thus, it becomes less stressful for the government to handle due to the associated budgetary constraints.

Per contra, it is not justified to separate the state from refugee matters entirely. From the Beasts of no Nation, it is evident that governments differences are a potential cause of conflicts which as well can lead to displacements (Uzodinma n.p.). The government as well has resources channeled for relief purposes and has a responsibility to take care of everyone that is in need. Therefore, the idea of a stressful task may lack validity. Thirdly, aiding refugees enhances international relations and the government should make it a priority. Even if, the refugees spend most of their time with the citizens, it is everyones responsibility to give them relief, and the government should always take the lead.

In conclusion, people will continue losing homes due to war, political conflicts, and religious persecution among other issues. It is quite fortunate that people are highly receptive to give refugees aid at any particular time. However, the government should not isolate itself from providing relief since it is also responsible on humanitarian grounds and as an effort to promote international relations. Above all, even if the refugees spend most of the times with the citizens, aiding them can be more productive if it becomes a joint responsibility between the citizens and the state.

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