Application Letter for the Position of Forensic Criminologist

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I am writing in response to the announcement made on your website for the application of the paralegal position. I am a recent university graduate with an excellent classification in Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science with Criminology degree from the University. Through the course, I have been able to corporate forensic modules and criminology modules to achieve the necessary knowledge useful in handling criminal justice cases. Apart from the academic knowledge gained in the classroom, I possess excellent interpersonal skills that make me suit the requirements of the role in the criminal justice system. These core competencies include commitment, diligence, and critical thinking in pursuing my course of interest.

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I have a special interest in forensic criminology, an area in which I look forward to advancing my career in the future. One of the most valuable tools that I have gratefully and successfully been able to use in my line of duty is information technology (IT) techniques. This tool has been useful in providing timely and accurate investigations especially if the criminal justice process involves a multi-agency crime process. My interest in forensic criminology dates back to my second year in college when I was introduced to several professionals within a local law firm as an intern. These professionals had practiced the use of forensics as means of handling criminal justice cases. My primary responsibilities in this role were to assist in the reprocessing of the crime scenes involving the client, and analyzing and preparing various forensic pieces of evidence for subsequent presentation in the courts of law. In this role for a Sheffield law firm, I have been lauded for the commitment I showed in reassessing the criminal evidence. In this role, I was involved in gathering criminal information by interviewing the offenders, reviewing forensic evidence, and making appropriate inferences from the tests obtained.

As a result of this exposure, I have been able to gain lots of confidence that has enabled me to efficiently handle the caseload of offenders with which I am provided. Therefore, the prospect of actively engaging in forensic criminology within the bounds and purposes of your organization seems perfectly timed and appropriate, particularly at this stage of my career. I am enchanted by the success your organization has been able to realize in recent times with various individuals in criminal justice cases. Working with a bunch of successful professionals in one of the best firms in the United Kingdom is an opportunity any criminal justice graduate would not want to put their best efforts.

Granting me an opportunity in this role in your organization does not only provide me with a platform to use my skills effectively to serve in the criminal justice system of the country but also a reference point to advance my career in forensic criminology. I believe that the skills, experience, and energy I bring on board will be useful in handling critical cases for the various criminals behind the bar and yet still feel deprived of justice. Also, this will mark the beginning of a long-lasting relationship of professionalism and excellence in providing in the criminal proceedings of the country.

Therefore, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and discussing my experiences with you comprehensively. I have attached my relevant testimonials

Yours Faithfully,

Name of Applicant.

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