The Importance of Quality of Life

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Health services delivery has seen a major overhaul in the recent years since the introduction of a very simple question: How is your health affecting the quality of your life? Healthcare is now running for provision of a more subjective measure of services to patients. Doctors are now less about hitting targets provided in mortality and more about how good people and patients are feeling both in their overall health and life altogether. Programs have been set to source for data on personal life of patients and how their condition in health are affecting their effectiveness and impact in life including copping with their conditions. They are targeting the higher sense of well-being in people that ultimately increases their resistance to diseases and reduces hospitalization and mortality. This generally increases enjoyment, engagement and commitment in developing and improving both personal and communal life.

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According to Noreen Clark, director of Center of Managing Chronic Diseases at Michigan University, quality of life does happen to be the essential element in life that motivates individuals in dealing with all illnesses they acquire during their livelihoods. It is hard fr individuals to follow up with their treatment in clinic and hospitals if these programs are not directed to improving how they function in life and involve with others.

Life in the delivery room need a lot of heat to face the daily challenges that come up whenever a new born baby is about to be delivered. Delivery nurses assist doctors in helping women give birth to their babies which can be hectic at a times. As a practitioner as a delivery nurse, I am aiming to make this experience the best possible to the mothers and the doctors in the delivery rooms. With the goal of doing more than just decrease infant mortality and also women mortality in the delivery room, I am ambitioning to give services to the mothers making them feel comfortable and cared for while undertaking the heavy and overwhelming task of creating new life on earth. This I am willing to achieve by giving them advice before and after delivery and I will also pioneer programs to follow up with women who have had new born babies up to a maximum of one year after delivery helping them to undertake the task of bringing up new born infants.

In effort to satisfy the question that is making so much change in the world of health care, quality of life is my first priority in the services that I will offer to both the hospital personnel and the patients under my care.

This mission I have in the field of health care is to make women breath easier and be able to undertake the task of delivery with much more ease and also cope wot the task of motherhood in their life especially of first time mothers. It is not just the basic idea of come to the hospital, deliver, take some directions and never be seen again in the hospital, I want to assist on changing the traditional approach to health and hospitals by starting it the primal of life, a mother.

Regular counselling these women has an impact to more than just their lives, it impacts that of their family and the community in general, creating perpetual realization of the importance of health in improving quality. They also release role that health personnel have in benefiting their livelihood and how they can help each other in achieving the goal of improving individual quality of life. This could include how their motherhood affects their life all round ranging from their relations to their children and to their work and impact and contribution to the community. Regular follow ups and counselling will improve their lives and give them the sense of well-being that people desperately need to improve their life experience in their world.

Being the Awards Chair of the Community Olympics, I will improve the diversity of the campus by trying to get many more individuals to involve in the Olympics and calling for the effective administration of fairness to all. Gender balance in the leadership and also non-discriminatory appointment and awarding of champions based on more than field performance shall go a long way into improving the individual appreciation of every other student in the campus. Leadership movements and congress shall also focus on fairness and emphasis on the women leadership movements to increase their participation of movement in the leadership positons in the campus community and in the world as a whole after graduation. This shall be seen to effect in my position as a member in the National Society of Leadership and Success. I also shall ensure fair accommodation to all students regardless of their background and any possible disabilities as to increase interaction and reduce isolation into groups in the campus community. I will apply his in my position as the Programming Committee for the Resident's Housing Association in the campus. My aim will always include improving student diversity and interaction and eliminating any cases of discrimination.

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