The Black Death Plague

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The Black Death plague was among the devastating pandemics in the history of humanity. The plague resulted in the deaths of about 75 to 200 million people, and it was reported to have peaked in the year 1346 to 1353 in the European countries (Babcock & Pamer, 2011). This plague originated in China and spread westwards along the routes that the trading activities took place to the European countries. It is assumed that the plague was spread by the flea- inflected rats and the individuals who had been infected by the same in the continent. Rats were believed to be the Y reservoir hosts. In the year 1349, the mortality rate associated with the plague was reported to have risen. The spread of the Black Death Plague influenced several humanities within the European culture.

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The most obvious humanity that was affected was seen in the art and literature. During the plague, the artistic designers designed objects with dark impressions, and this was designed to cope with the tragedy. The dark impression revealed that the plague was devastating and had influenced the Boccaccio Decameron in the year 1348 (Cantor, 2001). Furthermore, it was reported that the art of the period revealed bleakness in the country due to aggravating situations. Drawings changed and at any given time they could be accompanied by morose which is full of destructions and death.

Furthermore, the plague was reported to affect the faith of people in the continent. It was reported that many people lose hope in the European continent as they associated the continent with dark situations (Babcock & Pamer, 2011). Jewish people who were merchants of the rats trade dropped the trade after they were accused by other groups from the Society for bringing the plague to the continent. For example, the Jews were continuously persecuted throughout the late middle Ages.

What is more, the Black plagues had a serious impact on the population since it resulted in the depopulation and had an economic impact. Different businesses lack people who could work in those businesses. As the decrease in the population sets in, the continent witnessed the overabundance in goods and the decrease in the prices (Kelly, 2005). This consequently had a decrease in the standard of living. Feudalism became a culture of the working class. The events were important since they saw the coming in of the Renaissance.

The plague also resulted in the real wage rising in the European countries. This was attributed to the shortage of the labor force in the continent. The rise in wages among the few working population was unmatched with prices of goods and services. This further necessitated the workers to advocate for the justice of the peace. They felt that they were being overworked and attributed the plague to a systematic corruption in the continent.

The death as a result of the black changed the culture of the European country. Previously, rats were kept as pets and were valued by the European people. It was also seen as a good meal for the population but after the plague things started to change. The Europeans started to view rats as dirty animals and unfit for human consumption. Since the plague was associated with the French-speaking people, the culture also changed (Kelly 2005). The English language used as the official language. The number of teachers proficient in English was hired to teach in schools, and this saw an increase in English speaking teachers unlike before.


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