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Since my tender young age, I have always had an interest in the nursing and medical field. Nursing is a career I felt would be very fulfilling and give me multiple rewards. It is a very demanding job with new challenges every time and thus seemed eager to venture into it. I always had an interest in helping and taking care of patients who always seem to be suffering from various illnesses. My family background inspired my passion of becoming a nurse since my both parents worked in the medical field. My primary goal for studying nursing practice at the University of Washington is to become the finest Doctor of nursing practice in the country if not the whole world.

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Enrolling for a bachelors degree in nursing at my college level helped to fulfill my dreams. It was a significant step forward in understanding the nursing field and the things it entails. It increased my knowledge of medicine and on the functioning of the complex equipments that are the main driving factors of the medical sector. The medical sector increasingly dominates the world in which we currently live. What could be of more fulfilling nature in the world than studying about how to take care and save peoples lives?

My high school trip to Haiti was of great impact. It furthered my interest in pursuing the nursing course. Helping various mentally sick patients and expectant mothers presented the best moments of working as a volunteer in the nursing field. Dedication and tolerance remain the fundamental skills and virtues I possess. Working in Haiti I believe is one of the toughest tests of ones tolerance and love for humanity.

My vast professional experience in the health sector further fulfilled my dreams. It increased my desire to study nursing at the doctoral level. Since completion of my high school education, I have worked in the health sector especially in volunteer programs. My many years involvement in the Haitian Health Foundation equipped me with several vital skills required in the nursing industry. I have also worked as a volunteer in offering HIV supportive services and counseling here at home. Having served in the volunteer health sector, I gained necessary skills in patient relations and interactions that are the key to ensuring their satisfaction. The skills will be very helpful in achieving my long-term career goals. I hope to spend most of my life serving patients in a clinic or residential facility. It will enable me serve and deal with the patients closely to help them stabilize emotionally for a successful recovery.

I am a flexible, efficient team player and builder with excellent leadership capabilities. I am also easily approachable by any client and with high abilities to confront any oncoming problems with a desire to solve them quickly. I also organize my work well with the vision of achieving my goals and in the process develop others as well.

I enjoy working with people on a direct basis and is one of the reasons I decided to take the nursing career path. It is a profession for life. I feel ready to embark on further studies in the nursing sector and the way of life it necessitates. I look forward to a continuation of the past times and my natural hunger for success suits me to studying Nursing practice at the doctoral level.

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