Serial Killer Assignment: The Pig Documentary

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The contemporary society is defined in the case that people behavior dictates their conduct. Such a definition develops from the case that there are a group of people that exhibit certain behavior that does not match the modern day man. The definition of the modern day man develops ion the case that some people would want to engage in a psychological behavior that does not befit an ordinary person. The reasoning of the ordinary person develops in the case that a person would want to follow the influence of drugs or illogical mannerism of behavior like a serial killer. A serial killer is a person who kills more than two people in service of an abnormal psychological indulgence. On the same case, there is a need to point that the psychological indulgence usually includes a period where the person may decide to cool day or lay off their given behavior. This paper is an analysis of such a given type of person that indulgence in such behavior with the aim of satisfying the given behavior. The analysis of such behavior develops from a movie titled "The Pig Documentary" which points to the fact that some people exist with abnormal behavior.

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The movie gives insight into the modern day warfare trade given the fact that it points to the unique leadership systems that are absorbed or imitated by the modern day leaders. The leaders of significant considerations include the military personnel who include the military generals. On the same note, there is the relevance of the military leaders and the political [person who have significant influence. In this view, the film is exemplary of the type of indulgence that people with authority can exhibit. Importantly, the films are significant in the case to analyze the modern day leaders who would want to get away with given misconduct.

Next, the film the pig documentary has value within the modern society given the case that it comments on the Vietnamese involvement. As a matter of fact, it discusses on salient issues within the modern day society. This means that some people who hold dominant military positions use other junior personnel to satisfy their ego. The word ego as used in this essay means that they would want to show the extent of their military powers. As such, these individual commits murder that assumes a sequential line. Thus, the film The pig documentary as directed by Emile de Antonio presents certain facts that exemplify the actions that certain men of authority would take. This statement means that however the position of a given person, some people would extend to indulge in given actions that would not prove to be human. In this view, there is the argument that certain people would indulge in particular actions without the consideration of their action. In this view, there is a need to concur with the film director that people in power usually display some of the levels of uncouth behavior given the fact that they are not held responsible for their actions. This means that it is explicable to the same kind of natural behavior for people that administer authority within a minimal group. This statement means that a given group of authoritative people would want to exercise their authority over a given minority group that lack the authority to condemn their actions.

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