The Adult Art Therapy

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I am looking to specialize in the Adult Art therapy since I believe the psychological and emotional needs of adults are neglected at the expense of other issues. Adults face many challenges that can be addressed through means of self-expression such as art. It is important to recognize that the problems adult face may have a deep seated origin that cannot be sufficiently isolated and managed by traditional therapy. I am therefore interested in gaining more skills in Adult Art therapy to contribute to the psychological and emotional welfare of adults using art therapy as a therapeutic tool.

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As a person, I am an extremely open minded and positive individual, always finding the good in things and seeing the brighter side. I prefer to create an accommodative and nonjudgmental disposition to make people comfortable around me. I am energetic and proactive and love all things exercise and the outdoors. I find physical exercise to be somewhat cathartic and it helps me live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. I am also an enthusiastic traveler and love learning about different parts of our world, discovering new people, ways, cultures and mentalities. I also speak three other languages, which include French, Spanish and Russian. In my free time, I like to make photo albums, scrap books, and have always kept a journal. I now particularly enjoy painting and working with clay, a new hobby and passion, which I discovered during the course.

I continue to use the arts as positive tools in my life. I believe there is a general misconception in the belief that one must be a gifted artist to partake in the therapeutic process of artistic expression when in fact there is not. I am sure I can be an asset to your program. I am extremely ambitious and self-driven and always up for a challenge. I welcome constructive criticism in the knowledge it will better my abilities and guide me towards my long-term goals. I am not afraid to ask questions and test my limits. I adapt well and embrace all learning processes. I do hope you will afford me the chance to realize my potential through your program and help others attain well-being through the arts.

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