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The Fundamental Structural Theories in the Field of Psychology

Maslows hierarchy of needs is a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in his paper, A Theory of Human Motivation in 1943. It is one of the fundamental structural theories...
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2021-05-12 05:11:18

Banduras Research on Human Personality

He would have explained the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder through social learning theory. For example, Brian, a 5-year-old and his father are a farmer. His...
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2021-05-11 07:51:18

Personality Theory: Locus Control Test

Individuals tend to be proactive and engaging, and sometimes they are passive and alienated due to social factors. The personality of a person counts especially when a pe...
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2021-05-06 11:10:37

Personality and Leadership: Bright and Dark Side of Personality

Are leaders born or are they made? This seemingly plain and innocent question, however, is just one that has long confounded management scholars and practitioners. Leader...
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2021-05-06 10:46:33

The Cognitive Approach Model

Kelley provided an assessment model that examines the internal and external factors in judging ones behavior. The internal factors are likely to be: personality, mood, a...
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2021-05-06 06:28:21

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

ReferencesButzer, B. (2013). Learning to Trust Your Intuition. Positively Positive. Retrieved from
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(919 Words)
2021-04-26 11:15:03
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