Letter on Nazi Party to the Editor of Avisa Relation Oder Zeitung

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Dear Editor

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It is in my interests and the interests of other well-minded German citizens that the Nazi Party be voted in the upcoming elections of 1932. The Nazi Party is the people's party, and it is my conviction that they will bring changes to the lives of the upper class, the middle class (Mittesland), and the have-nots; besides, it is more likely to bring law and order to the entirety of Germany (Nyomarkay, 35). With the policies of the party, Germany will be able to realize the reprisal of the Treaty of Versailles and will create a much stronger administration for the people.

Large industrialists will not be able to treat workers unfairly the moment the Nazi Party comes into power with Adolf Hitler as the president. Trade unions will be given more power to defend workers and price ceilings will be set on the salaries such that wages will better. Today Germany is characterized by sweatshops that undermine the role of employees in the economy. There is a need to better the condition of workers regarding insurance, healthy work-life balance, and salaries among other things (Stachura, 83). The leadership of the Nazi Party will revolve around positive social influences that will maximize the efforts of Germans towards the realization of the greater good. What is more, the leadership and the direction of the Nazi will stem from the point of social influence, not power or authority that will subdue Germans but that which will promote peace and understanding.

The Economy of Germany has to be protected from the ideology of communism. Communism will be a hindrance to the growth and development of the German economy. We need the Nazi Party as Germans to maintain the countrys capitalist tendencies; to better the living conditions of the companies and to increase purchasing power parity. It is also worth mentioning that the Treaty of Versailles has been a pain to the economic development of the German People; why should Germany be blamed for and punished to pay for almost all the damages caused by the war?

The German nation, before the 1914-1918 war, was well aligned to the industrial revolution. In fact, Germany is well known as a proponent of perfection and unimaginable ingenuity when it comes to engineering precision. The Nazi Party will be a crusader for equal opportunities in the social, economic, and political divide within Germany.

In a nutshell, will vote for the Nazi Party because it will turn over the Treaty of Versailles and bring an end to reparations. In addition to that, their reign will restore to Germany the pride it once had. Germany will also be re-armed contrary to the Treaty of Versailles; the Nazi Party manifesto looks towards the recruitment of large military force, navy, and air force and also the reduction of unemployment (Nyomarkay, 55).

The promises the Nazi Party gives us of a stable government and economic stability will surely be fulfilled. For instance, industrialists will benefit when communism and the left-wing unions are warded off in Germany. In a nutshell, the Nazi Party is the way to go if at all Germans want to be part of a responsible government that will be mindful of their needs and preferences for their country.

Yours Sincerely

Merkel Klum Vongt

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