9/11 Attacks

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This refers to a series of attacks that were conducted by the Islamic extremist group al-Qaida in September 9, 2001 (Timeline, 9/11). The group of 19 terrorists hijacked four airliners plying on American soil resulting to the death of more than 3,000 people. The attacks were suicidal in nature and were meant to avenge for the support of United States to Israel. The first two airliners were Boeing 767 and Boeing 767United Airlines. Flight 175 was flown into the high rise building housing the world trade center in New York City. The third one was flown into and hit the pentagon, which is located outside Washington DC. The fourth and last one was crashed onto a field in Pennsylvania. In this fourth plane, the passengers fought the terrorists but they were overpowered. From these four-airline attacks, 3000 people lost their lives including more than 300 firefighters and paramedics as well as 23 New York City police officers and 37 port authority police officers. All these people died in their line of duty as they were trying to rescue people who were trapped into the 110-story skyscraper building of the Pentagon. Notably, these events happened in the same day. The result of the 9/11 attack was increased resolve by the then government of George W. Bush to fight and combat terrorism.

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Satirical Work-Political Cartoon

Cartoon 1: obtained from http://townhall.com/political-cartoons

This cartoon shows a conversation between a politician and a local citizen. In this cartoon, the politician gives his New Year resolve to the civilian that he will be more honest that the previous years. However, the civilian is not convinced and thinks that the civilian is lying. This cartoon shows the nature of the distrust between the politicians and the electorate. In this regard, the electorate has no trust in the words of the politician. As such, anything they say is taken as political statement that is deceptive.

Cartoon 2: obtained from http://townhall.com/political-cartoons

The above graphic shows a cartoon that depicts the politics of succession between the Democrats and the Republicans. The outgoing president thinks that the republicans (referring to Mr. Donald Trump) do not have any vision for the American electorate. However, he is reminded that the reason why he does not see their vision is that: it is entrenched in the constitution. The satire in this case is that president Obama does not understand the constitution and therefore, cannot understand the vision of the republicans.

Social Issue- Article and Response

Same sex-marriage: Couples Lawsuit Is First Test for Same-Sex Marriage in China

This article talks about the first case of same-sex marriage in china. In this case, two men met via an online dating site and decided to register their marriage. However, the official at the Chinese local Civil Affairs Bureau refused to register them claiming that same-sex marriage was illegal in china (Wong, Edward, 1). They, therefore, sued the bureau and their case was to be heard on Thursday 28/01/2016. This case has been reported by almost all media stations in china. Further, it has elicited a lot of attention from human rights organizations in china. Indeed, it is a breakthrough to the issue of same-sex marriage in china, which has been outlawed.


I support the common philosophical belief of restoration that: logic and reason are superior to emotions when it comes to functioning productively in the society. In this regard, I assert that emotions are temporary while logic and reason remains inherent in human beings. Additionally, emotions can lead to rush decisions, which will change with change in emotions. However, reason and logic is informed and based on meditations and merits. As such, logic and reason should guide peoples decisions and not their emotions.

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