The Vietnam War

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The reason why America involved itself in Vietnam War was because they sought to protect other countries from going to communism. As much as Vietnam was miles away, America felt that its interest wasthreatened in a strong way that they had to fight. In 1987, Vietnam combined with Laos and Cambodia and formed a French colony called French Indochina. Though, in 1940, a Germany puppet government replaced the French government after its fall. Then in September 1940, the Japanese discovered an opportunity to invade and occupy French Indochina. The occupation continued until 1945when the French tried to re-establish its hold on Indochina. This did not go well with French because with the US and Chinese support, the Viet Minh also known as the league for the independence of Vietnam had spent four years fighting the Japanese for independence. In 1946, the Indochina was in a state of war because they were not about settling for French colonial status (Nguyen and Lien-Hang 56)

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The French created an autonomous government based in Saigon, in an attempt to make a gesture to Viet Minh. Viet Minh kept on fighting because they were not satisfied by the fact the French were in the control of the foreign policy of this state. At this time, the area had three players: The Vietnam, which was in The South, the Viet Minh in the north and the French. The Viet Minh had a presence of all Vietnam, even if they were controlling the north. In 1949, the state of Vietnam became technically independent, and that was the time the US became concerned about what was going on in Vietnam. The two reasons for this were, the Viet Minh were communists, and the second reason was the anticommunist government of the Republic of China was enacted to escape to Taiwan in 1949 while the mainland was taken over by the communist peoples republic of China (Levering and Ralph 71). This led to President Truman being accused of losing China to the communist.

In February 1950, the United States made a decision, which was funded by the President, on May 1st, 1950 to offer army support to France. The same year, the associated state in Indochina was formally reached, and it was announced in May 1950. In spite of the United States wish to shun straight participation in the colonial war, and also detecting depraved and worsening situation in Indochina this decision was made. The state in which the conclusion was made was entirely ruled by the seizure of joining in power by the communist in China. Communist Chinese troops reached in late 1949 on the boarder of Indochina, and Chinese nationalist forces withdrew from mainland China. The US feared the through Chinese communist involvement during this period. The intervention was to happen each time there is endangerment of Viet Minh inadequate maintenance of military aim of pushing the French from Indochina, or succeeding in the destabilization of Viet Minh by the Boa Dai government. The conclusion reasoning was provided by the United States because the controlled soviet extension of communist in Asia and Europe.

Moreover, the involvement of US official lasted for ten years in 1965 to 1975 in the Vietnam War. Before the US participation in the area was the French colonial territory. Prior the world war two and after, Vietnam people were fraught by French rule. The Indochinese CommunistParty was formed in 1930 by Ho Chi Minh. The aims of the party were to take over from the French, Establish the independence of Vietnam, formation of workers and defense force government, public debts cancellation. Also, South East Asia and Western powers conflict escalated. The US and other western powers dreaded the communist and sensed that non-western are not capable of governing themselves, and cannot be entrusted with main capitals in the region. Also, the importance of keeping the military in considered regions under western authority was considered. The likelihood of Vietnam not pursuing the communist was high had the US, or France supported the rights of Vietnam.

How the Policy in the US Changed Under President Johnson

Kennedy's predecessor, Johnson, went to South Vietnam and even went beyond to offering military help. He expanded United States backing to 23,000 soldiers. Be that as it may, Johnson likewise got to be resolved to send battle troops to Vietnam. In any case, he required a persuading reason to submit US powers to a battling part.

In the year 1964, the United States of America guaranteed that United States war ships had been assaulted in the Gulf of Tonkin. In the year1965, the CIA organized an arrival of North Vietnamese soldiers. Johnson could utilize this as a reason to begin what they 'Operation Rolling Thunder'. It was the start of substantial flying bombarding of North Vietnam. The president trusted that immersion besieging would constrain the North Vietnamese to surrender. After three weeks Johnson sent the primary US battle soldiers to Vietnam. Throughout the following couple of years, the quantities of Americans in South Vietnam expanded to approximately 50,000. It is currently trusted that the Gulf of Tonkin occurrence was most likely created by the US government to legitimize US intercession in Vietnam.

Why the United States Cared South Vietnam becoming a Communist

The development of cold war in the United States with the Soviet Union had ignited a panic of communism. The ideology of communism was seen as a solemassive entity that was being well-ordered by Moscow. Additionally, the socialist had broken out in other states such as Greece and Turkey and Vietnam; it was viewed as efforts by Moscow to expand its communist ideology in the world. The Ho Chi Minh revolution was no longer seen as efforts By the United States in 1775 but as an attempt by Moscow to gain grounds control by the Moscow Communist. With the eruption of Franco-VietminhWar at that period was seen as more of an shot to free the West against the aggression of communism than colonial liberation.

The United States, still anxious of the result of Vietminh vanquishing the south and distribution socialism, kept on supplying help to popularity based South Vietnam. In any case, now the United States skirted the French in southern Vietnam governor and gave help specifically toward the government of South Vietnam. The consultants on American side started to prepare and make prepared a South Vietnamese Army and searched out a more law-based trade for the manikin head named Bao Dai. The United States ignored the decisions that were to implement in the year 1956 to bind together the nation since it was trusted that the then leader in south Vietnam would effortlessly win, and South Vietnam would tumble to socialism. The Americans contended that its activities in Southern Vietnam were the best way to keep up flexibility and save Southern Vietnam from the tumble of socialism.

In light of this quickly developing apprehension of Socialism, the Americans framed another remote arrangement known as regulation. The Soviet was on the other hand gradually yet doubtlessly endeavoring to increase communism control of the world, and to keep this western majority rules system must stay solid and the standards execution of socialism must be contained. The hypothesis of containment was the establishment for the Truman Doctrine, which reported on March 27, 1947, guaranteed help to any countries undermined by socialism either through inward uprising or outside hostility. The new strategy was resolved to stem the stream of socialism and prompted American guide to the French against the previous United States to associate the Vietminh during the War.

Starting 1950 under Mao Ze Dong Socialism had won in China, and socialist China and the Soviet Union had perceived Ho Chi Minh's socialist government the Democratic state of Vietnam and were deploying more soldiers in the state. The American started getting worried that the French were on the verge of losing the war because both Chinese and Soviet were offering huge support current socialist government that was in Vietnam. Hence, they perceived the manikin ruler Dao Dai, who was at that time the leader of the other group in Vietnam that had fallen with communisim policies.Additionally, the Americans started to increase the aid that they were offering to the French in order to overcome the ruling government together with its sponsors. The United States took the far-reaching apprehension of socialism and built up the domino hypothesis to legitimize this increment in help to the French. Under this new hypothesis, if Vietnam fell, so would excessively different nations in the locale tumble to socialism, and the West would lose its fortification of majority rules system. This hypothesis would turn into the creed of American remote arrangement for the following a quarter century keep up the United States inclusion in Vietnam over that time-frame.

The 1965 War

At the start of the 1960s, Viet Cong the southern communist began a military campaign that was geared in displacing the government of the South. In the mid-1960s, it became clear that the insurgents were being sponsored and given aid by North Vietnam. North Vietnam was, on the other hand, was being funded by the communist China together with the Soviet Union. Additionally, the Vietnamese from the North had too joined Viet Cong in an attempt to take over South Vietnam by using military force.

Despite the United States having developed a policy on containment of the spread of communism, they had to adopt the doctrine of Truman in a bid to free those who resisted communism. Additionally, United States had to deploy is troops in 1965 so as to defend the South Vietnam from attacks by the Viet Cong military.

The move by the North Vietnamese together with Viet Cong military to attack South Vietnam was seen as going against the containment policy as well as the doctrine of Truman. The offensive attack was seen by the United States as a move of to expand the international communism that was being advocated by the communist China and the Soviet Union. The past successes by the Americans on its policies of Truman Doctrine and containment were a motivating factor that made its military to commit itself in defending the South Vietnam.

When the United States waged war in 1965, a few expressions were raised in question. Inside the Johnson association, the secretary of state George Ball forewarned that the ruling government in Southern Vietnam was doing its best to help its people, and America could not just write it off as it played a pivotal role in Vietnam. Pacifist challenge packs surrounded on an extensive part of the nation's stance; in June, the radical affiliation body for a Democratic Society made the war its boss target. In any case, genuine contrast was yet to begin in 1966. All around in 1965, Americans maintained the association's assertion that whatever it was advocating was meant to combat socialism in Southern East Asia, or citizens just shrugged and went about their step by step lives, clueless this persistently uplifting war would shred American society (Lewis and Adrian 62).


As presidents presented the United States to battle a small piece at once, substantial segments of this yearning were neglected. Or maybe, idleness made by pulling over from Vietnam. George Washington assumed that withdrawal by the United States would achieve a Communist accomplishment. Eisenhower perceived that, had decisions been held just as it had been planned in 1956, the current leader that time(Ho Chi Minh), would have won the election by a land slide but on the other hand no President of the United States was expecting to lose a country to communism. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson in particular feared a moderate reverse discharge on the off chance that they surrender the fight; they reviewed the accusatory tone of the Republicans' 1950 request strikingly, co...

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