Lack of Communication in a Relationship

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For a relationship to grow it requires fostering. There are many factors that helps in nurturing a relationship. For example, for a relationship to develop it needs love, tolerance, patience, dedication, commitment, honesty, trust and above all communication (Mostamandy 25). Communication is an essential facet since it enables individuals in a relationship to express and convey their emotions and thoughts on a given issue affects them. When couples do not communicate, they usually feel unappreciated. Thus, it is essential to analyze the reasons and effects of less or no communication in a relationship.

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There are many factors that cause little or no communication in a relationship. However, the factors are different based on a particular relationship. The common causes leading to reduced communication include work related stress and mistrust (Moore). Stress affect most relationship since individual undergoing stress frequently become withdrawn by keeping their thoughts to themselves. A stressed person typically feels irritated, and this influence the partner to abhor from any discussion of the relationship (Moore). Maybe because of the feeling of being fatigued to talk. Lack of trust result because of little or no communication. Lack of communication may make a partner doubt his or her spouse (Mostamandy 32). Mistrust commonly occur when a partner engages in an act that is dishonest like cheating or being affair. This only compromises trust by increasing disputes and reducing faith and belief in a relationship. Thus, mistrust happens when a spouse doubts the loyalty of the other partner in a relationship. A partner who doubts frequently begins with silent observation of the actions of the other spouse (Moore). The doubting spouse may also not show the doubts he or she is contemplating concerning their spouse. All these lead to a relationship that is unhealthy.


Lack of communication leads to many effects in a relationship. These effects result from the long-term issues suppressed between the couples. One effect resulting is misunderstanding (Moore), which causes arguments between couples. The issues and problems bringing conflicts in the relationship are those that were not discussed and solved foremost. Thus, keeping a particular issue to yourself without solving it serves as an ingredient for more arguments. These arguments make people vulnerable to negative emotions that induce to hurt one another and, therefore, do not provide a solution.

Lack of romance and intimacy is also a result of lack of communication (Moore). Mostly, romance and intimacy are issues that people in a relationship do not communicate about. When they do not communicate about such issues, the relationship might be destroyed completely (Mostamandy 32). The causes are accredited by the lack of communication on such problems in a relationship based on the differences existing in the relationship. Sometimes the difference is based on gender, male and female. However, men normally feel that when his partner do not communicate he might not be willing to satisfy his needs sexually.


The most important thing in a relationship is communication. It leads to growth in a relationship. Some people experience problems in their relationship because they do not know how to express themselves. Couples need to understand one another as communication is not just about expression; communication is about respect, understanding and support for each other.

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