Two Pillars of Contemporary Society Worthy Criticism

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Within the American society, there are two main pillars of contemporary society worthy criticism especially in the United States and these include; government whereby its perceived to fight evil with force and it has been mandated to have the right to kill, imprison, enact and implement laws. This indicates that the absence of the government will guarantee men to overpower the good morals and commit evil that is against humanity. The importance of the government is to ensure order and restrict the evil men from pursuing their evil desires that in most cases destabilize the state. On the contrary, these mandates bestowed on the government are at times opposed by many people and other organizations that fight human rights when it comes to killing and imprisonment.

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Many civil right organizations have criticized the steps undertaken by the government in effort to combat crime by directly killing the suspects since it violets human rights and as well it has been established that many innocent civilians have been affected by the steps undertaken by the government to enforce order. For instance in the united states, for many decades, the government used to deny the citizen some of their rights for example from 18th century to mid 19th century where the misgenanation laws enacted by the government restricted marriage between the black and white race, as well as the stop and frisk law that gave the police power to stop any person, frisk him or her and if the police have reasonable doubt that the person is a criminal or planning to engage in a crime, he or she would be taken to jail, which are just but one of the many effects of the government that received a lot of criticism.

The second pillar is religion; this is whereby the many peoples believes are governed and the sets goals that men aspire to achieve accomplished and men are expected to abide with what they are taught. In most cases, its believed that religion is the source of every other pillar including the government. For example its presumed that that without religion that instills in people the sense that the laws set by the government must be followed. Therefore without religion, then the effort invested by the government to ensure that people follow laws would all be in vain. This is an indication that the good morals that the government expects from the citizens are primarily taught and enforced by the religion (Driver, 2009). However, the same religion has been on the critique side of some people as well as governments since there have been perception that many unscrupulous religious leaders are taking into the advantage of religion and use the same platform to teach wrong doctrines that have mutated into criminal groups like the ISIS and the Al-Qaida. Furthermore, due to the fact that religion is the foundation of all other pillars, its believed that any nation can be brought down by a single religious believe and these can be done through enforcing corrupt doctrines and putting people who no longer teach about God in the churches and mosques and instruct them to teach men precepts that will turn the worship centers into places of philosophy. Such instances have been evident in some countries and the results have led into civil war and socio economic problems.


In reference to Aristotle the great scientist and philosopher, virtue is the trait of mind or better known as character that assists us to achieve good life which Aristotle argues that its life only in accordance with reason. Besides, anything that is part and parcel of soul is described as faculty or character. For instance, courage as a virtue is what makes people develop self motivation that they can achieve something and furthermore pursue it. Courage overrides its vice deficiency which is cowardice and it involves taking of risks in an effort to accomplish whichever mission in life (Driver, 2009). This virtue of courage can be linked to a number of other virtues from the list compiled by Aristotle and these include; properly ambitious and truthful.

For instance, courage is dependent of ambition and being truthful. The virtue of being ambitious is based on setting goals and working toward those goals. In the long run, what makes one achieve these goals is the virtue of courage which drives him or her towards seeing great opportunity ahead even if there are numerous challenges in the vicinity. Again in the long run, the virtue of being truthful plays a significant role since it helps one walk in light without any form of condemnation (Driver, 2009). In most cases, many people without this virtue of truthful fall prey to integrity issues while pursuing their ambitions courageously. Besides, truthfulness leads to development of courage, for example, its hard for a political leader who does not walk in truth to deal with corruption cases and yet he or she knows pretty well that he has participated in corruption scandals. Such leaders when they ascend in power, they become cowards in delivering on key issues as demanded by the citizen.

But for truthful leaders who are not entangled with integrity issues, they are always in good position to deliver what is demanded by the citizen. Another example, in relation to the virtue of ambitious, an individual with great ambition and with proper motive will work upon achieving their goals and they ultimately achieve them, but for those who are not ambitious and wait for some force to push or pull them, they end up living miserable life. For the case of a student, he or she can have dreams to become whatever person in life, but if in the first place the student fails to become ambitious which is the inner force that drives him or her towards accomplishing his or her dreams then the student will be ruined but developing an ambitious spirit will make the student work hard knowing well his or her destination.

Platos philosophical way of life

According to Plato, life is not worthy living with some sort of body deformation that is caused through acting wrongly. Besides, he affirms that he better give up his life than compromise his ethics. So what come in the mind is; between life and ethics, which one is very significance? On my own point of view, the value of life is dependent to the interest of every individual. This is due to the fact that very influential choices of life are made at the individuals level, which means that nobody should claim that life is very unfair especially when things turn out the way they were not expected. Furthermore, compromising with some events in life can make one suffer throughout his or her lifetime since compromise is voluntary and therefore it does not involved forceful conviction by other people.

However, living a life termed as worthless say with body deformation is not an exclusive loss of humanity, regardless the level of life and current situation that an individual is going through should not serve as a determinant factor towards self rejection or demoralization since there is nothing that cannot be achieved regardless the challenges in life. Again life is similar to a journey whereby when one is to set off, he or she has to prepare and assemble all the requirements so that during the journey, there will be no disappointments. However, since there is no journey that lacks setbacks, one has to strategies on how to counter such setbacks with the only tools that were availed during the preparation for the journey. Therefore, despite the challenges in life that people ought to go through, when one set foot on a journey, there should be no a turn back and giving up due to the fact that challenges are inevitable.

Finally life has 100 percent value and this is due to the aspect of dependency whereby every person has several life destinies of other people attached to his or her life and these people whose destinies depends on one person, they look upon him or her to see what value he or she can add into their lives and these people can be children, relatives or friends. Therefore, failing to value life as an individual is as aspect of self rejection and destruction of the people whose destinies depends on you.

The value of aporiaAporia refers to the rhetoric expression of either simulated or real doubt especially in terms of where to begin or even what to say; besides its also a cumbersome encounter in establishing the theoretical reality of any proposition that is created by the presence of credible evidence both for and against the same proposition (Driver, 2009). For instance the value of aporia is evident when some critical issues occurs, for example when a country in battle looses or when the state losses many civilians in and epidemic that takes long time and resources to kick out, this situation leaves the country in the state of aporia wondering where to begin and what to do next. In this situation the state becomes much concerned about how to formulate new resolution strategies that are meant to curb the situation hence the value of aporia is confined on creating a platform for creativity and innovation. While at the individual level, its one of the challenging endeavors since it tests ones ability to think critically in the midst of no hope and come up with clear resolution strategies. This is a point where many people give up in life thinking that they have been forsaken and there is nobody who cares about them (Driver, 2009). Many people at this state may opt to lose their lives with the fear of encountering great suffering; however success at this level is dependent on the moral virtues of an individual.

It really matters when we reach at the Aporia level since not every journey goes well and in order to discover the mistakes made in the existing systems, one has to reach the state of aporia to discover such mistakes so as to give way for earlier rectification. One of the instances in my life that made me reach to aporia was losing my travel visa in a foreign country and yet I was required to travel the same day and since it was a weekend and no government office was in operation, I remained perplexed wondering where to begin from and it really impaired me and after all it quickened me on the issue of being extra careful with my travel document and other belongings.

Importance and function of friendship

Friendship has no age limit. Meaning that regardless the age, one can have friends and in most cases, this friendship is build on the basis of mentoring each other, encouraging and more so for partnership purposes. All these countenances are directed towards development of individuals virtues and achievement of eudemonia (Driver, 2009).

For instance, friendship has been proved to be one of the best methods of getting rid of stress as well as depression. When one is in a company of friends, he or she will be able to forget about unwanted pressures and sorrows since the friends change the mood in the environment through the introduction of new topics of discussion. Furthermore, friends act as sources of information and solution to some stressful situations since one can ask for advices from their friends on how to handle health and family issues like pregnancy in women and marriage in men.

Friends have been proved to be more influential than even parents since some people trust their friends than they do to their parents. This is due to the age and experience perception whereby a young lady not married will believe the advice given to her by the fellow young lady about carrying out an abortion is valid than the advices given by the parents on being patient with the pregnancy until the end of gestation period, which is the bad side of friendship especially amongst the young generation.

Secondly, friendship is very important since one gets friends who have the guards to stand with him or her through great challenges and this type of friends have...

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