Reflective Essay on Ecological Contexts in Early and Middle Childhood

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Young children are affected by many environmental, social, and economic factors both in negative and positive ways. Children and young kids are very vulnerable and tend to grab whatever it is their surroundings offer them. I believe that my childhood has greatly influenced most of the person that I have become today,

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I am a second born in a family of two my elder sibling is a boy who is two years older than me; My parents occasionally tell me how quick I was in learning things like how to speak and walk. I believe that this achievement has a lot to do with my big brother. A child always wants to do what they see people around them do and the fact that I was born when my brother was already walking and speaking some words must have been the main reason I did all that faster than him.

It is only natural that I wanted to be equal with my brother and when I saw him do all that I could not do gave me the challenge to do them. I was privileged enough not to be the firstborn with no one to look up to, this, I had no problems with delayed speech due to my proper exposure within the house. Up to today, I tend to make older friends than I am cause I find it challenging and of faster growth to me through their experience. My parents speak the same language and growing up our mother tongue was the original language we learned before going to school.

Tolerance in Family

At the age of only two and a half, I was on my way to school as I couldn't be home alone when my brother was in school. We attended an international school where we had a combination of all forms of races. Therefore, I learned that there are people of different skin color but it in no way made us different as we attended the same classes and got punished in the same way had anyone done wrong. Being in a school where we have people of various races made me rate myself with my capabilities and not my ethnicity. I was only hearing of racism but had never seen anyone experience it because I was raised in a family where tolerance was always the basis of social education so my brother and I tried to surround ourselves with people with similar views on problems relating to racism.

How Does Religion and Culture Affect Family Life?

Being a Christian my parents always took us to church and Bible classes where we met several other young kids who were as disciplined as my brother, and I was. Such a lifestyle made us not exposed to most things that some of the kids were exposed to such as, drunkard parents and ill behaviors like my parents always called them. I remember a day while in Sunday school, my brother called another kid stupid which made him be grounded for a week even after he apologized and cried. My parents could never tolerate us being ill-mannered things such as saying thank you, please, and sorry were our daily bread. We may seem not similar to other families, but thanks to such cultural education we had turned out cultured people.

Family Influence on Child Eating Habits

My mother is a teacher and vegetarian, therefore, being healthy was part of her business, no one in our family was ever malnutrition, she always made sure we took enough food and played with other kids as part of keeping us active. I was surprised by other children whose parents brought them, junkies, for lunch as such food was never allowed at home. As much as we always tasted their food we were very healthy and rarely sick. I was wishing for a different of our life but come to think of it, it has made us be what we are right now. Healthy adults with healthy eating habits!

Family Influence on Children’s Development

We had no hard time making friends due to the various social gathering we were exposed to. It also came to my attention that I am short-tempered, and I get annoyed very quickly. According to my observation such a habit Is mostly genetic and environmental, I see how my dad is short-tempered, and I know that I must have gotten it from him, growing up with both of my parents had some influence on how I developed. My dad played piano as a way of calming down when he was annoyed and to this, my brother and I are good at playing the piano. We must have learned this from the old man.

Role of Parents in Socialization of Child

My parents also ensured that we had playdates with the neighbors, and we participated together with the rest of our locals in events that were organized over the holidays by the parents. Such things made me have a very close relationship with my friends and build a strong bond with them. As of now I still keep in contact with most of my childhood friends and we organize occasional hookups where we get to talk and help each other out. In my family values, I know that friends come immediately after my family.

Why Is It Important to Have Family Rules?

We had family rules while growing up, such as an exact time to eat and praying before meals, praying before going to bed, etc. Family rules kept us grounded and disciplined and if any of us broke one he/she had a consequence of their action. As a student, my childhood experience made me disciplined and wanted to obey the rules set. We had the rewards of improving in our studies which made us want to work harder and be top of our classes.


My childhood development as explained was dependent on the ecological framework in my surrounding. From the languages, I speak today, to musical instrumentals I can play. My education and my involvement in activities.

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