History Essay on The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

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After the world II (1939-1945) the winning Allies and the Soviet Union went into agreement to devise a plan on how to share and take control of the defeated Germany and capital city of Berlin. Tensions erupted between United States and the Soviet Union with Germany being at the center of the Cold War CITATION Tia13 \l 1033 (Tiaja, 2013). The Berlin wall came to be known as Iron Curtain that separated the two sides of Germany. It is from the tension between United States and the Soviet Union to take down Germany that prompted Berliners to come up with Berlin wall. The wall barred free movement of people from West Germany to East Germany. During the time of building the Berlin wall it is estimated that about 2.5 million people from East Germans shifted to the west citing a 15% loss of GDR population. During the summer of 1969 the situation went out of hand where high number of West Germans moved out GDR. It is at this point that leaders come to unanimously decided to erect a wall that would bar West Germans from moving to FRG and refugees.

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The leader of the East, Walter Ulbricht and the soviet Leader Nikita Krushchev came out strongly to support the build of berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall is a barrier that divides Berlin from 1961-1989. The Berlin wall was constructed by the German Democratic Republic, GDR also known as East Germany. The constructed Berlin Wall separated off by land the West Berlin from East Germany. The government intervene and the wall was opened in November 1989.

Facts and Figures on Berlin Wall

As a matter of fact Berlin Wall was not that good for Germans but still have many things interesting. The well was designed in 1961 but the build of concrete wall never took place till 1965. The wall lived for 28 years and one day CITATION Leo14 \l 1033 (Leon, 2014). Most of the Germans knew the wall as Iron Curtain with its length covering 155 kilometers while the concrete part covering 106 kilometers in length. Also, the wire mesh covering the wall measured 66.5 kilometers. To go high, the Berlin wall measured 3.6 meters with the border between GDR and FGR and 43.1 kilometers.

Consequences of Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall enhance communist regime

The causative consequences of the Berlin wall initiated an authoritarian communist regime where the German Democratic Republic GDR or East Germany were separated from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG or West Germany). The Berlin wall commenced a division of the social cultures resulting to division of families and loss of loved ones CITATION Leo14 \l 1033 (Leon, 2014). Raising of Berlin wall enhance the anti-fascist protection pressure where the GDR restrain the FRG from (West Germans) from entering into the East German. The Separation of the East German from the West German by Berlin wall also instigated the separation of a family friend and also most of the GDR soldiers had wives in West German thus triggered the differences.

Berlin Wall led to sluggish Economy

Economic dragging was one of the persistent adverse consequences of the Berlin wall as a result of communism economies. The Berlin wall enhances the security issues in West and Central Europe which configures dead of many residents trying to go against the political separation flame CITATION Leo14 \l 1033 (Leon, 2014). Much more, the Wall lead to denial of freedom which suppress the credible economic activities thus resulting to financial downsize especially in West German (GDR). The Berlin wall increases the unemployment rate by 6% overall wherein GDR West German experience 5.5% and in FGR East German experience 8.6% of unemployment. The decrease in per capita due to sluggish economy resulted in an average of 3,527 and 2,760 in West and East German.

Changes in population

During the time of building the Berlin wall, it is estimated that about 2.5 million people from East Germans shifted to the west citing a 15% loss of GDR population. The rising of Berlin wall lessen the population of FGR which trigger the down flow of the marginal state growth due to lack of specialist resulting from a higher number of people fleeing to West German (GDR). The East German shrinking population raises the Germans weak economy due to desperate need of workforce thus leading to higher chances of economy collapse.

Fall of Berlin Wall

The borders between Hungary and Austria was opened on August 23, 1989. It is estimated that about 13,000 tourist who lived in Hungary moved into Australia CITATION Ton14 \l 1033 (Tony, 2014). It sparked mass demos against the government in FGR. The leader of East Germany was replaced by Krenz. The incoming government went into agreement to give room the Berliners living east to get entry permissions to the West Germans.

Consequences of fall of berlin wall

Abolished the communist bureaucracy

The fall of Berlin led to the end of communist bureaucracy. The events after the fall of Berlin led to start of new picture in the way of government CITATION Leo14 \l 1033 (Leon, 2014). Democracy was brought about by the end of Berlin wall. The fall of berlin made citizens to move freely and interact thus making the right choices of leadership without much pressure. It was now for the people of Germany to take to the world and be part of the world economy. The end signal start of democracy without the boundaries of Germany.

Free-market economy

The end of berlin wall made people to transact business across Germany and entire world. It led to territories across the Germany doing business without any resistance CITATION Ton14 \l 1033 (Tony, 2014). The use of Keynesian theories were felt after the end of Berlin, it was use to dictate the price of goods. Fall of Berlin brought various nations together under the umbrella of business and trade. It pioneered free market within Germany which drove significant revenues and commodities to the people of Germany and the entire globe.


It is the most vital factor in any economy. The fall of berlin made movement across Germany easy with various elite minds coming together for a common course CITATION Tia13 \l 1033 (Tiaja, 2013). Technology and use of internet became a reality after the fall of Berlin wall. It allowed most of them to get accessed to the internet that pioneered great development. The end of Berlin wall allowed technologies to penetrate thus opening other areas to trade and business.

Germany after the Collapse of Berlin Wall

The after fall Berlin wall commenced socialism cultures which had resulted to division of families and loss of loved ones CITATION Leo14 \l 1033 (Leon, 2014). The East German after fall of Berlin wall initiated free movement without the political seizure allowing then to enter into the West German. The unity of powers by East German and West German after fall Berlin wall instigated the collaborated economic significance was freely recommendable to all German whether from West or East.


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