Cause, Conflict and Impact of the Civil War

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Civil war is indicated in the history of America since it determined the position the country holds today. However, there are many things that were left unsolved during the Americas Revolution of 1776 to 1783. Therefore, the civil war that starting the year 1861 to the year 1865 molded the nation as it was supposed to be. Meanwhile, it is important to understand the cause, conflict and impact of the civil war to the Americans.

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However, civil war followed the great event of revolution for the purpose of revealing the answers of some questions that Americans asked. The first question that it aimed at answering is whether the USA was to remain under sovereign states as dissolved or it was to become a firm nation with a government that made it indivisible. Also, the civil war wanted to resolve the question of whether America will remain to have the highest number of slaves in the world having men who fought for equal rights in it.

Meanwhile, civil war began due to differences that arose between states. For instance, the free and slave states fought since the national government had motivated slavery even in areas where states were not yet established. Therefore, when Abraham Lincoln was elected and sworn in as the new president of the United States of America, he wanted to eliminate slavery. As a result, various states responded and formed one nation that was against the acts of slavery. On the contrary, many of the people feared that Lincoln's legitimacy may fail and hence leading people to suffer and hence they formed different groups. Meanwhile, the United States was composed of different groups; people thought its a good idea to live in groups as it was easy to resist and even fight. On the other hand, it was a challenge to the government since it had no means of uniting people at first.

Due to the differences, people fought mercilessly; over 625 000 lives were lost during the war and hence living most people homeless and others with injuries. Furthermore, the American civil war is listed among the most destructive war. Though the war ended slavery, rebuilding the country again was not an easy task and it took some time before everything got to normal. The nation was cleansed from slavery and all states were united once again. The victory that was experienced in the northern part changed the conditions in the United States. It restored peace and harmony and as a result making it one nation ruled by one government. The most crucial part of the war is that of ending slavery. Americans had fought for liberty and they deserved the best.

However, all forms of war has a purpose and however how much they cost a country always there is a good ending. For instance, the civil war gave room for people to understand the impacts of slavery and the importance of ending it. Many people lost their lives but it was for the better tomorrow. However, after the revolution many of the citizens wondered if anything has changed and hence there was need to act first. Furthermore, in any war some people need to sacrifice themselves for others to survive in the future. Therefore, for the sacrifice of some of the American soldiers now USA stands to be the most powerful nation in the whole world.

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