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What are the major changes and continuities in the American politics and government between the years 1780 and 1800?

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Thesis Statement

The American politics and government have undergone various changes overtime. There are both major and minor perspectives of change that have occurred but the principal focus in this paper is to outline only the major ones that occurred in the period between 1780 and 1800. Besides the changes in government and politics, there are also major advancements witnessed within the same period.

Supporting the Statement

There are various examples that would support the statement about these major changes that happened in the mentioned period. During that time, several states retracted from slavery acts. This was an advancement that made transition of the country from a land of slaves to that of free citizens. There was also the need to address the issues depicted in the Adams letter. The letter advocated the need for change within the country. The United Indian Nations had also called for changes in the state boundaries. In 1787, the Congress was at wrangles which would call for congressional changes. The Congress was handed more powers of legislation and execution. Also, the government entered into several treaties with European nations to enhance its bilateral relationship. Lastly in 1798, there was imposition of fines and jail terms on citizens who defamed the government. All these changes were necessary during this period when the country was in the initial stages of establishing formal state and federal governments.

Analysis and Supportive Arguments

The map of emancipation of the period between 1777 and 1804 indicated the liberalization of various states. In the Northwest Territory, slavery was prohibited by the Northwest ordinance of 1787. In other states such as New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, among others, became emancipated by the federal constitution or assented state laws. The liberalization was focused on abolishing slavery in the United States. In 1787, the people in the states demanded for various needs through a letter addressed to Thomas Jefferson. The people required redistribution of resources, a formal currency, and equity in distribution of property among other needs. In 1786, the United Indian Nations held that the national surveyors should not continue with their partitions without involving them. This change was aimed at defining the borders between the Indian Territory and the rest of the states.

The congressional pugilists cartoon in 1798 aimed at addressing the need for changing the National Congress. There were existing wrangles between the members of the house. These were brought about by the parties wrestles desperadoes, ignorance, without principles which led to quarrels. In the jay treaty of 1794, there were various issues that were addressed among them the peace agreement between the Great Britain and United States. This action was aimed at establishing peace between the country and its allies. The King of England was given the power to rule over the English territories in the United States. The citizens of the two countries were to co-exist with each other without raising any wrangles. In 1798, there was the enactment of the alien and sedition act that prohibited any citizen from defaming the face of the federal government. Acts such as malicious writing, publishing, or printing documents against the government became punishable through imposition of a two thousand dollars fine or imprisonment of a maximum of two years.

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