Why Group X Are Revolutionists and Not Terrorists?

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Focusing on an imaginary group which entered a government structure armed and later asked for freedom of political prisoners that were held in jail for their opinions as a result of their support for the group, the imaginary group according to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution recognized as revolutionists and not terrorists. It protects the right of an individual to bear and keeps arms, with Supreme Court of United States ruling that the rights belong to people and at the same time stating that the right is unlimited and doesnt insert prohibition on the regulation of either firearms or any similar instrument (Johnson). Ideally, the local government and the state are limited to the same level as the federal government from breaking this as per the consideration of incorporation of Bill of Rights. Relying on the second amendment, group X are revolutionist and not terrorist since it offers full protection on the rights to keep and bear firearms.

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According to an international human rights report, terrorism is referred to an act of violence that target civilians in the pursuit of ideological aims or political pursuits. In legal terms, although the international community has yet to come up with a comprehensive definition of terrorism, the General Assemblys Declaration on measures to eliminate international terrorism has set out its resolution. (Doswald-Beck), states that terrorism involves criminal acts that are calculated or intended to provoke terror in the general public, particular individual or groups of individuals for a political purpose.

Additionally, according to the security council in resolution 1556(2004), terrorism is defined as the criminal act that is committed with intent to cause serious bodily injury, death, or taking the hostage with the purpose of provoking a state of terror. The general public or to intimidate a particular organization, the government or a group of person (Doswald-Beck),the imaginary group during the process of invading the government premises was able to damage some of the physical objects but didnt kill anybody. According to definition terrorism about international human rights, group X were revolutionist and not terrorism since they didnt kill anyone and had no political purpose to kill in the whole process.

Apparently, taking consideration of two treatises of government John Lockes is established as the intellectual father of modern constitutional state. With the second Treatise, it consists of a short preface of nineteen chapters defining the political powers as the rights of making laws for regulation and protection. His view focuses on people accepting the law as a result of public right; it states that the law of nature binds a man in his original state but relatively, he can act live and dispose of his possession (Locke).

Human beings are viewed to be free from the laws of other men since they are all in equal measures children of God with an additional responsibility of offering punishment to those who are going to Gods will and an attempt of harming one another through compromising liberty, possessions, and life. Ideally, group X were revolutionist since their major focus was to demand respect for the political prisoners who were held in jail; they wanted human rights to be considered and freedom to be ensured for the political prisoners.

Apparently, revolutionist shows a clear relation with the second Treatise that doesnt provide anybody opportunity of comprising the liberty of another person, bringing interference with their natural freedom and rights (Locke). The state f nature on the other hands involve individuals living together and led by reasons behind the action of any common superior. In the society, the arising wars frequently end when forces driving change such as fighting is over. Through the nature of the fight, its difficult for war to come to an end until the aggressive party can initiate peace and repair the damage done. Locke claims that the primary reason why individual get into the society is to prevent war. Different people who felt things were not right coming together to form one stronger group so as to revolve against the government decision of arresting people with different political views. Group X is a revolutionist since it was recognized as a state of war that occurs when people exert pressure on the other individual

The Constitution and Bill of Rights which is also known as the Declaration of Independence, collectively recognized as the Freedom Charter have guaranteed the rights and freedom. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recognition of the overall dignity and inalienable and equal of all members of human generation is the pillar of justice, freedom and peace in the world (Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin).

The first article in the declaration states that all human beings are equal and free in rights and dignity. They are endowed with conscience and reasons and are supposed to work with one another in the spirit of brotherhood. One given the power to collaborate with one another in the spirit of friendship, the supporters of the prisoners had the full right to revolution since their supporters were being denied their political rights; they were being deprived of the right to expression through a dominant force that was there to oppress them. Through the support of the Second Amendment they had a complete right to bear arms, this makes them become revolutionist and not terrorist since they had the good intention of bringing freedom (Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin).

In article three and four found in the Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the rights to liberty, life and security of a person and none shall be held in slavery. Continuing to article five of the Human rights, it is brought clear that n one is supposed to subject to evil actions or torture. Notably, in the article twenty of human rights, everyone possesses the right to freedom and to express peaceful association, everyone is given the freedom to hold opinions without severe interference, to receive and to seek and impart ideas and information through any media regardless of any frontier (Stair).

The primary reason why group X entered into a government structure when armed was to ask for freedom of political prisoners that were held in jails because they expressed their opinions. In real life, the action they took was a revolutionary work that only demanded respect of human rights. Right t express opinion and the right of freedom and association is one of the essential rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Group X didnt commit any terrorist act since their pursued their goals and even released prisoners who were oppressed as a result of their fight for freedom and rights of revolution.

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