Political Science Essay on Pros and Cons of a Trump America

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Are we confident enough that Donald Trump's presidency will make America great again? That's for the president himself to know and for the citizens and the world, which is sitting patiently and watching from afar to find out. Much has been discussed concerning the fate of America, the most powerful nation in the world, under the governance and ultimate control of President Donald J. Trump. Some citizens, who are staunch supporters of the Donald Trump presidency, are more than confident that in his tenure, the American dream will be re-invented and the American people's dreams will be realized. The other quarters, which comprises opponents of the presidency, read a different tone and are certain that America's downfall has now been made inevitable thanks to the choice made by the American people. Though Americans may be divided based on their opinions the fact remains that Trump America, just like everything else, has its pros and cons.

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Being an astute business person, it's almost sure that Donald Trump possesses vast business experience that may involve carrying out negotiations with prominent business leaders from across the world as well as governments of countries outside America. With such experience, he has critical and realistic insights on economies of various nations in the world and possibly some awareness of competing countries' economic weaknesses. This, therefore, places him in a position of influence where he can easily be able to foster trade agreements between the United States and some of its current as well as potential trade partners. This is why he vows to make America great again because, with such strategic economic actions, America is assured of a cemented position as the world's biggest economy for as long as Trump is behind the wheels.

Furthermore, Trump's personality and confidence form part of the essential qualities required of a great leader. With such, the likelihood of him succumbing to external influencers and lobbyists is much reduced with an almost null possibility. Americans are always complaining of elected leaders being "pocketed" by lobbyists when it comes to making pertinent decisions. But with Donald Trump, this is not likely to happen. His realism and self-belief coupled with him being his personal interest make him self-dependent when it comes to matters that are important in upholding his pride. He can't stand the idea of letting himself down let alone the American people and America as a whole.

However, despite having a commendable financial background, Trump's impulsive decision making and his know-it-all character may not be as useful to America as a country. He comes out as a person who is quick to make uninformed decisions without conducting proper consultative procedures which might act as a disadvantage to the United States. The decision of imposing travel bans on immigrants from Islamic countries has pitted not only him but America against the world. Possible effects that may ripple out from such sensitive decisions may end up affecting the cordial relationship that previously existed between the United States and other countries including its trade partners.

That notwithstanding, Trump has also been accused on several occasions of being involved in unethical business practices that included financial manipulations and fraud. With such a shaky history, America's future under the rule of Trump stands to suffer the consequences. A president with questionable integrity loses not only the trust of the citizens but also of other nations which severely affects its dealings with these countries. As a consequence, the United State's economy stand's to experience a downturn which would take years, probably even centuries to be revived.

It is, therefore, upon the Donald Trump presidency to determine the direction that they wish for the United States to assume now that its fate lies entirely in their hands. All the citizens have to do is to watch and wait while praying that America never loses its glory. Four years will be enough to determine how great America will turn out to be.

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