Comparison and Contrast of Gentrification in Adams-Morgan neighborhood in Washington DC and Barns-Bury London

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This paper will provide an outline to a final paper on the subject topic. It will be a guideline to the comparison and contrast of gentrification in two neighborhoods. The subject neighborhoods are Adams-Morgan and Barns-Bury in Washington DC and London respectively. Gentrification involves the efforts towards renovating old and dilapidated neighborhoods by edging out low income earners and bringing in high income earners.

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The comparison will be based on the differences and similarities between the practices involved in gentrification in the subject neighborhoods. The paper will look at the diverse issues that bring about gentrification in these neighborhoods. The urban setting of the cities in which these neighborhoods are is a study subject too in the gentrification question. The setting of these cities dictates the type of housing needed and the capability of people to own property (Butler, 2013).

The disparities in incomes in these cities are also a question of study in the gentrification of these neighborhoods. The incomes are a huge determinant of the peoples capabilities in housing and property ownership. The question of incomes impacts heavily on the demand for housing, and the state of the neighborhoods in question. The decision to renovate dilapidated neighborhoods is made with regard to peoples incomes. The initial inhabitants are edged out because of low incomes as compared to those of the effluents coming in. The disparities in incomes in the two neighborhoods will be compared and the results determined as far as gentrification is concerned (Butler, 2007).

The other factor to be considered is the authorities and legislation that is in place in these neighborhoods. The legislation in place and the authorities mandated with enforcing these legislations are huge determinants of the gentrification practices. The legislations in the two neighborhood will be compared and establish how they impact on gentrification practices in this neighborhood. Gentrification can be promoted or suppressed by legislation. The legislations in place should be considerate of all the people and the well being of the neighborhood. On the other hand, modernization and renovation of the old neighborhood should also be considered so that shelters are built to accepted standards. Legislation is therefore a contentious issue in as far as gentrification is concerned. The two neighborhoods are bound to have different legislations with the enforcing authorities dealing with the issues arising differently (Butler, 2006).

The impacts of gentrification will be considered too. Both Adam-Morgan and Barns-Bury will be investigated to determine the differences and similarities impacts as a result of gentrification. The impacts are diverse as far as the initial inhabitants that are forced to vacate due to lack of finances to cater for rent or buying properties. Individual who may own properties I these neighborhoods and do not have finances to renovate them may also face challenges and at times be forced to sell their properties. These impacts are sometimes severe and may render some people homeless. Positive impacts are also part of the process and can be investigated in the two neighborhoods and compared. The comparisons will provide a good way of drawing conclusions on gentrification (Chan, 2014).

These comparisons will give insight into the gentrification aspects in the two neighborhoods and enhance proper decision making on the issues surrounding gentrification. Legislation, as mentioned earlier, is a huge part of the gentrification process. Authorities involved should also be involved to ensure justice for all those involved. A balance should be established between the need for renovation and the prevalence with which people are displaced by the concept. The need for renovation and modernization of old properties in the neighborhoods is undisputable but the impacts on the less fortunate are sometimes detrimental.

The final paper will provide insight into the practices involved in gentrification and how the process can be regulated. The subject neighborhoods are studied in relation to the cities in which they exist. The insight is important in mitigating the impact suffered by low income earners displaced by the concept. It is, however, important to note that the properties involved and the dilapidated housing should be updated to required standards.


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