Management in Saudi Arabia Business Organisations

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Leadership styles are differently used by different organizations depending on their daily needs. It is mostly concerned with the needs of the organization and its people than the personal needs. The current study focused on the investigation of the types of leadership used by different organizations to help towards the attainment of their mission statements. To obtain such results, the study used both primary and secondary sources of data. In addition, it focused on finding out the existing relationship between managers and their employees as well as how it affects their performance. It is this relationship that promotes working in teams and promotes harmony within the organization. The study was investigating how managers can better their relationship with employees to get better results within the organization. In addition, it was investigating what styles the most successful organizations in Saudi Arabia have used.

The main findings indicated that the most successful managers involve their employees fully in their operations. Such operations include making the most important decisions as well as solving the day to day problems that face them. Employees develop a sense of pride and belonging to such organizations and are ready to put all their efforts to ensure their organizations succeed. The findings further indicated that the style of leadership used by the leaders determine how well the employees can perform. For instance, the study associated effective leadership with employee job satisfaction which motivates them to ensure they take their organization to a different level of performance. In summary, effective leadership helps in ensuring the management of risks and uncertain situations by an organization as well as creating a competitive advantage for the organization.

Keywords: Leadership, Managers, Employees, Saudi Arabia, Education,

Managers have a very essential role to play that should contribute towards the attainment of organizational set goals and objectives. The roles extend to the management of human resources as well as formation of work teams, which should work together for attainment of team goals (Piersol 2007 p. 30). All such efforts are geared towards the fulfillment of employee expectations so that they can invest their efforts and time towards attaining success for the organization. Human resources are taken as the most significant resources of every organization that fight by all means to ensure that the organization becomes competitive in the market place. However, their behavior is highly determined by the way those in the management behave. As a result, a good relationship between the managers and the employees is essential as it helps in the creation of an environment of trust and faithfulness between the managers and the employees they manage (Byerly 2012; Clinebell et al. 2013)

Leadership refers individual ability to influence the thoughts, ideas and opinions of other individuals to agree on an issue that the leader perceives to be beneficial to the organization (Yang, Zhang and Tsui 2010, p. 570). The most effective leaders are perceived to be those with influence and vision that are geared towards the success of an organization. Employees take their managers as their leaders (Dick, and Collings 2014; Greene, 2014; Foster and Yavorsky 2006). As a result, it is essential for the managers to implement strategies and policies that they think can be the best for the motivation of employees. With such, it would be possible to utilize the energy, skills and abilities possessed by the employees. It is thus significant to establish the relationship between manager behaviors and the effects on the performance of employees. This is mostly examined through the leadership styles used by the managers as well as how they relate to employees during the performance of their roles.

1.1 Aim of the StudyThe aim of the study intends conducting a dissertation research indicating the impact of leadership/management within a business organization on employee behaviour associated with the desired outcomes for growth and development goals. The depth of the influence managers has on motivating the quality and amount of production workers engage is a critical aspect of a successful business (Rampersad 2006 p. 22). The aim of the study focuses on the following two goals:

Understanding the characteristics of effective management roles in a business organization influencing the relationship they have with employees expected behavior including motivation, quality production, as well as growth and development of the organization.

Assessing the behavior of employees aligned to the relationship they have with the organizational management.

1.2 Problem StatementThere are several factors that affect the behavior and relationship of employees with their managers. In efforts to change the employee behavior, the relationship between managers and employees has to be studied and changed in accordance with the findings.

1.3 Research Method and Model UsedThe method of research used will be the combination of both primary and secondary data. The method was further based on questionnaire surveys to assist in the collection of primary data. A sample of various employees will be selected from different companies, who will help in the description of the existent relationship between them and their managers. In addition, they will describe how they think such a relationship affect the performance of their assigned tasks and responsibilities (Rampersad 2006 p. 24). Literature review will also be used to contribute to the collection of secondary data from previous researchers who might have researched directly or obtained it from other sources. It is very essential that there should be an acceptable approach to be used by manag...

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