The Revenant by Michael Punke

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The revenant is one of the realest fiction stories considering its moving storyline and use of literary devices. The riveting suspense, diction, connotation, allegory, imagery and plot are properly used. From the novel, the unimaginable story of one mans endurances to overcome odds to survive. Empowered with the spirit of adventure but often faulted by betrayal, and envy, Hugh Glass did not only survive the claws of a grizzly bear but also betrayal but his closest fur trapper friends who left him to die as they escaped the wrath of the Indians. Hugh glass also had to endure the steep mountains, the searing pain from the wound in his scalp that was nearly torn off by the grizzly bear as well as the lacerations in his back and ripped open throat. In his struggle to overcome death after the departure of the captain of the expedition, John Fitzgerald, and young Jim Bridger, Hugh makes it to the safe lands covering over two thousand miles wounded, an weary. To the people, who had left him in the wilderness to die, and to the people who had already hear about his death, Hugh glass is a revenant.

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I can give the story, 7 out of 10 for the interesting storyline, the riveting suspenses and the plot. The story may be boring in the middle pages, but then the plot thickens and then there is a twist in the plot as Hugh glass woke up from the presumed dead state to become well again in his pursuit for the revenge. I also love the story because it offers a real glimpse at the fate of man. Even though Hugh is a hero, he does not cover his human limitation and weaknesses for revenge. His pursuit of retribution makes him a man unlike the other hero archetype stories where the hero is blemishes. Hugh has demonstrated that he is just an average human being with weaknesses and limitations.

Never the less, despite the spell binding storyline, it is clear that the storyline is actually exaggerated a lot. There is a lot of information that are far much stretched. Many details do not add up and along the way, the reader may start to questions the authenticity. No one is told about the fiction in the story and everyone would start questioning the actual theme of the story towards the end. For example, as one continues to read, they develop a feeling that Hugh whose desire for retribution seems to increase with each step in the jungle reached home and instead of revenging, decides to forgive Fitzgerald and Bridger who had left him to die.


The storyline is compelling despite the suspense and the exaggeration. The plot twist also adds to the suspense and the character development contributes to the actual framework. Plot development lads its self to the artwork of a master. However, instead of giving the author 10/10, I have subtracted 3 for exaggeration and poor finishing. The story has no clear theme but has a unique plot and characters. Has the author added some level of reality, the story could be relatable. Additionally, there are conflicting reports and stories given on the same account which makes the storyline a bit suspect.

Work Cited

Punke, Michael. The Revenant. New York, United States: Picador, 2015. Print.

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