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Critically, the composer Darcy James Argue has always been identified to his band mates in the Secret Society as co-conspirators. It was more so unavoidable that the tongue in the cheek motif would flourish into one of the elaborate multimedia stage performance motivated by the theories of conspiracy, Real Enemies.

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Considering the title from the book Real Enemies which focuses on the American Democracy and Conspiracy Theories by Kathryn Olmsted, Argue piece was formed with the film designer Peter Nigrini and director and writer Isaac Butler. The execution according to eighteen piece band was impeccable: Argues eighteen piece band whispered and roared through the twelve brutally yet viewed to be unusual movements. During the movement, the leader is considered to be taking a stand in the middle of a big doomsday clock with the band in a semicircle manner arrayed around him. The swinging, the funky, the minimal choreography, sometimes the Latin-tinged music all were recognized as unrelentingly scary.

With Argue idiosyncratically working with an approach acknowledged as the twelve-tone method. The political thrust that is generated by the piece tends to be highly ambiguous during the first three-quarters when the shows began; this is perhaps a flaw. To those who are not familiar with the secret society, concentrating on the surface, much of a traditional big band is portrayed with eighteen members plus Argue forming part of the conductor and the composer. Some of the names that have appeared in the secret society include John Ellis, Rob Wilkerson, Carl Maraghi, Seneca Black, Mike Fahie, Matt Clohesy, Adam Birnbaum, Jacob Gerchik, Jonathan Powell, Jennifer Wharton and Jon Wikan.

Argues music is both referential and reverential, that consist of a knotty collection that is comprised of themes and callbacks that can be built with no inefficiency and coming up with a large and a whole sound world which is so unique. Conceptually, gaining the inspiration of a new conspiracy, the cover of the art can provide a suggestion of one of the conspiracy walls that typically pop up in film and Tv. Argues can take series of ideas and able to musically pursue them having to pair the samples and titles with ideas that are chasing down the impact of threat caused by the imagining web looming in a large area more than what we can comprehend with the real conspiracy.

Notably, the Enemy Within is realized through a funky bass line that can bring in remembrance to the political thrillers of the seventys which came to full recognition on the Dark Alliances viewed to be a dance floor with single begging through hitting the jukebox which is near. Through the melodies heard, the dark alliance is recognized to be delirious and winking with a theme that rejects trust to no one. The issue continues to deepen and resonate far much beyond what Argue could have intended for. The tone portrays an urgent tone, offering warnings which are the slip into paranoia

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