Exhibition in Lakeview Museum Center

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Museum exhibition is one of the very significant art projects that has not only improved the prowess of the academic enrichment but also has promoted our cultural heritage growth. I dont want to say much, but habitually our museum plays a significant role in building our countrys economic competence since it has improved the enlargement of our tourism sector (Ole Smordal 23). Generally, in all the countries in the world, Museum exhibition has assisted in promoting the local talents and skills which are experienced by the citizens when exhibiting their arts that have a unique appeal to our heritage. That's why most federal states have placed distinct measures in curbing their Museum exhibition culture and promoting of the local exhibitions and cultural heritage. That's one of the richest and device cultural heritages in any federal states in that it has engaged over a million numbers of citizens, a measure which has contributed to the growth of the countrys bargain. Museums have projected a positive outlook of a rustic beauty and unique features which portray nations heritage standards.

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In our class project, I had a chance to visit one of the temporary museum exhibition spot in our nation named Lakeview Museum Center; and I had the knowledge in endorsing our vibrant cultural art exhibition that has a unique attractive as far as our cultural heritage is concerned. This on the 21st June 2014 where I heard the experience of observing the Lakeview rich cultural heritage that has typically helped in boosting our countrys economic growth. Lakeview Museum is about 1km from the central business district and about 200metres from the Lake view resort. This site has majorly contributed to the growth of Lakeview Museum since it can be quickly assessed each and every person at any dwelling at any time, thats why it has demanded a huge number of people both local and international tourism which also come into witnessing this prestigious heritage in the Lakeview Museum exhibition.

Lakeview museum is about 2km from the estate which I stay at this majorly has aided me in reaching there on time, and I didnt have to use a lot my money on transport. The weather was cloudy which was conducive for the museum exhibition show of the art heritage. Lakeview Museum exhibition resort has to display traditional art heritage models which comprise of traditional food staff, farm tools and building artisans (Stendhal 23). The show encouraged the rich heritage culture of traditional artwork in our society today. A factor which helped not only a cultural exhibition show but also a complex and a unique talent exhibition on the artisans which took part in the creation of these beautiful models of our traditional humanity. The artwork was display in a very systematic and organized style in that they organized from the economic activities samples to the socialeconomical of the traditional activities (Dagny 24). The artwork was arranged to start from the food staff, carvings, farm tools, and textile and building structures in the traditional activities. In the artwork exhibitions, there were a lot of materials which was to be present in Lakeview Museum show; this made the directors set aside the artwork in an open field which was viewed by each and every person who attended the impressive show.

There was a unique style of passing the information in the museum since; each artwork had written information of its name and the importance to the society today. Since I was not fully educated on the artwork design before but this informations helped me in expanding my knowledge on the artwork and its full resolution in our traditional society. I cant deny the fact that each artwork plays a significant role in investing the average economic growth and establishment of their territories (Dagny25). Since, more areas in the traditional society depend on this artwork for their day to day activities in the regular improvement and liberation policies. In the display I was able to learn more information on how the traditional activities have a clear relationship to today activities; this begins from farming, business, wars and justice system which all have the same role compared to todays life (Smordal 24). During the exhibition, the artwork was noted clearly in a manner that clearly guides the audience in understanding the samples and also to educate them on their importance in traditional life. There is a very clear outline of the information about the artwork by the artisans in the exhibition since there was placards in the field on the reference on the where you can assess the information after the project is over.

This museum has upgraded my knowledge of starting my personal museum exhibition in that I can understand the artwork from its position to how to persuade the audience in observing the artwork. I couldnt deny the fact that for the establishment of an excellent museum, you must have a strong financial package for its creation, but since I visited this museum I have developed an interest in starting my personal museum exhibition. Museum exhibition commonly has played a significant role in promoting the cultural heritage of humanity.

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