Mythology: The Wrath of the Gods of Ikwekwe

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You have come to me, Ing, the son of Inkwe of the great Ikwekwe generation. It is long ago that our great grandparents bestowed upon us a saying that nothing happens for no reason. This saying lives among us to date. I am happy that you recognize the unique things that occur amongst us and always seek the explanations from the right person me, the custodian of all the secrets of this clan. May the gods of Ikwekwe be upon you that try to understand their mystery.

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Long ago when our clan lived in absolute harmony, the ancestors would come together to give animal and crop offerings to their gods. They thrived, and the gods were equally happy. As much as I can remember, the gods of the seasons, the god of the sun, the rain and wind cooperated and came at their right time and harvests would be a bumper. In return, our great grandparents never forget to give back offerings to the gods in the form of burnt new produce immediately harvesting started. Led by the elders and my prophet ancestor, they would gather at the gods cave and invoke the names of all the gods. In doing this, the whole community would be sure of another good harvest in the next cropping period.

Without discriminating against any of the gods, our ancestors offered similar offerings to them; Hence, the rain would not come at the plowing time, the sun not at the flowering or winds blows when the crop stalks were still too weak to withstand it. Just as we respected and venerated the gods, they coordinated the forces of nature without any disagreements on who was stronger than the other. The god of the Sun recognized that it could only provide moderate warmth during the crop growth and developed a high intensity to dry the cereals at harvest time. The rains knew that it has to come to the period of flowing, vegetative growth and moderately throughout the crop growth.

The harmonious existence between the gods themselves and our clan was maintained over many years. Generations after generations recognized the powers of the gods and offered the offerings without stopping. However, in the month of the rains, sometimes in the early 1700s, the sun was setting at the gods cave, an old man approached the village from that direction. The man held a dirty stuff and his feet we feeble. He ordered our ancestors to call a community meeting where he would tell them a secret about the gods. He assured them that the secret would affect them to the last generation. No one recognizes that this could have been a warning without question, the elders did as were instructed since they were curious to know what the old man had to tell them.

At the meeting, the old man said to everyone at the meeting that he had come from the abode of the gods and that he had come to inform them of the differences in the gods powers. He convinced everyone that the god of the rain was most potent, followed by the sun and wind respectively. Everyone resolved to start giving offerings based on the seniority and powerfulness of the gods. Therefore, the next season they started giving more gifts and offerings to the god of the rain, followed by the sun and the wind in that order. This decision annoyed the god of sun and the god of the wind that conspired to send a spell over crops after a hard work done by the rain. Therefore, what you see in your farms is a fight between the gods. They want us to embrace our old ways and be careful whenever we allow any strassnger into our culture.

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