Cherish These Natural Wonders

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The artists in the modern life have various roles to play in the campaign against global warming. Artists can come up with past pictures of various physical features that can be compared with the past features, to show how the environment has changed over years. Such pictures can be put in strategic areas where the members of the society can view the chances and recognize that they need to do something.

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In the era of internet, artists can come up with YouTube videos that demonstrate what the society is doing to their own environment. The documentaries can advise people what they can do to make changes in the society. Poems can be designed to emphasize the issue of climate changes as well as fictional stories that can tell the story of climate change. Motivational talks by recognized artists can also be dome by the known artists, as well as mobilization of resources that are aimed to conserve the environment. In this part, a fictional story is developed to change the mindset of the people in the society, and encourage them to act and help in the reduction of the effects of climate change. The story shows how much we have lost and what the future generation will never enjoy because of our acts.

The below speech tells a story of experiences of a fictitious individual who compels every individual to act to ensure that the future generation does not come to find a completely damaged environment. While large organizations have been reluctant to act and deal with the climate change, individuals in the society can engage in simple acts that can reduce emissions into the atmosphere are well as restoring the damaged environment. This can act as a good example to large companies and governments that they should stop complaining and instead should act to deal with the challenge of global warming.

Fiction speech: I will not complain any more: I will act

Last week, I woke up after sleeping for two hours or so, only to find flooded house. The storm had caused damage as was predicted by the scientists. There is nothing to enjoy anymore, and I have to carry my child, line up and get food to feed the crying child. I am not poor, I am a farmer who is able to produce enough for my children and friends. But something just happened, and this is no longer possible. I have to leave a place I called home for many years because floods have constantly caused damage to my resident. I am lucky to survive the storms, but my neighbors did not. I had to help the survivors in a terrible condition after the storms destroyed their houses. I have to leave my animals I look after because I cannot take them to a foreign land.

As a young child, I woke up to the sweet sounds of birds in my neighborhood. Where are the birds of those days? We have to set alarms to wake us up because the birds are no more. Our animals had enough food because the forests had a lot to offer. In the fields, we used to play with butterflies. Where are the butterflies these days? What do our children play with? We used to play with rain because it would never hurt us. Can our children play with the storms that we witness anymore?

These people are just greedy; they are not after meeting our needs. They run industries to benefit at our expense. This is why we are suffering, and they are not ready to listen to our cries. They are nowhere to help us deal with the problems we are facing because they are enjoying the fruits of their industrialization. They are better off now that they have advanced so much? Are they really happy? Ooh no! Their children just died the other day. They were poisoned by a dangerous gas from their own industry. Their children have to carry masks around with them to avoid being poisoned. They are also suffering from their own acts. The problem is that they are not ready to act. I will act because if everyone acts, we can change the trend.

I am sorry; this goes to the future generation. I apologize on their behalf and hope they can also realize their mistakes. We cut down the beautiful trees that were homes for the birds and butterflies. You cannot see these beautiful creatures anymore. But I will plant more trees than I can down. I will walk instead of using a car to go to work. I will not use generator to light up my home, I will use the solar energy to light up my house. I will not misuse fuel and firewood. I will work to restore what I have damaged. If they help me or not, I will now act. Let them complain; I will no longer do the same.

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