The Mormons

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Mormonism is one of fastest growing religions in the United States. Its followers constitute of average citizens to Congress representatives and business moguls across the country. The current picture is a stark contrast from the small membership of farmers during the formative years of the 19th century. Since its inception, the religion has witnessed a remarkable transformation of simple ideas of Joseph Smith to one of the widely-accepted religious groupings not only in the United States but also in various parts of the globe. The teachings of the religion have a lot of similarities with Christianity and have over the years evolved to accommodate the different social developments of our modern societies.

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Several lessons can be learned from the videos regarding the origins and spread of Mormonism in the United States. The religious background of Joseph Smith is one of the insights that the video provides the listener. The pioneer of this religion hailed from a family where the parents ascribed to different religious affiliations. According to the video, this religious background may have played a significant role in the religious development of Joseph into one of the most charismatic religious leaders of his time. It is such state of spiritual confusion that made Joseph to explore a different path in search of a religious identity. Also, the religion received a lot of resistance from the mainstream religious organizations that were in existence in the United States in the early 19th century. They saw the new movement as an effrontery to the religious practices that were accepted during this period. The resentment from other persuasions forced Joseph resident so as to protect himself and his adherents from the tag of heresy.

The charisma of Joseph Smith is another perspective the video gives regarding the expansion of the religion in the country. The ability to lead people during the difficult years of the enlargement of the religion made Joseph a revered leader who made miraculous revelations about the future and other phenomena in life. He wrote the book that formed the foundation of the religion baffled many people, cementing the beliefs of his followers that he was a prophet. His mysterious attributes are revealed by the members who narrate that they saw angels surrounding the temple during a service that was being presided over by the acclaimed religious leader. The account that an angel visited Smith also gives an insight into the religious inclinations that made many people to look upon him for spiritual guidance. It is because of such charisma that made it possible to attract more than five thousand members within a period of five years upon changing his religious residence to the state of Missouri.

The state intervention to stop the spread of the new religion gives the impression on how the followers suffered at the hands of the state. The clashes between the Missouri natives and Mormonism settlers resulted in multiple deaths, making authorities to question the teachings of the group. It can be learned that although Smith was arrested and charged by the Missouri authorities, his accounts and of the activities of the group surprised the courts. In effect, the state authorities embarked on a mission of exterminating the members of the group, a move that culminated in the death of the majority its members across Missouri.

The Mormons, like the Christians, believe in miracles and the existence of the angels which is the divine origin of most religions. The angels talk to the prophets who relay the relay revelations that are delivered by the angels to the faithful. In the Bible, it is chronicled that angels were the primary means through which messages from God were given to the prophets acting as intercessors. Similarly, Joseph Smith is considered to have received revelations from the angels on various issues that touched on the faith of the Mormons. Some of the revelation mentioned by the prophets on both sides of the religious divide predict the suffering and persecution the leaders of the two religious persuasions endured during the expansion periods of their respective faiths.

There are several differences between Christianity and Mormonism. The Christian faithful consider the Bible as the holy book that gives the teachings and guidance on the Christian values and principles. According to the Christians, the book was written by prophets who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, Mormonism faithful consider the Holy Book of Mormonism as the sole source of the values and doctrines of their religion. While the book is a piece written in the 19th century by Prophet Joseph Smith, the Bible has been in existence for many centuries. Also, the pioneer of Mormonism accommodated polygamy and was considered to have had many women while the Christians belief in a marriage founded on the relationship between one man and one wife. The soft landing of Mormonism on polygamy is one of the controversial areas of conflict between the two religions. Furthermore, the Mormons believe that their religion was brought to them by Joseph Smith, who the prophet whereas Christians believe that the church started in the Garden of Eden and was started by God at the time of creation.

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